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my career

No description

Vanessa Kalns

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of my career

My Career -
past, present and future Vanessa
Kalns My story
Life before TPP
TPP - My new skills
Undergraduate degree
Career pathways
Skills required
Career prospect
Support Contents Life
TPP I finished
school I really wanted to become a
nurse, so ... I did not finish my university degree Yippee! (19 years ago) TPP102 I studied nursing
at Deakin
University but... I was NOT ready for university. My social life
was more important: love Then I met
the man of my dreams And we had a baby! Sommer because... then... We had another baby! Darcy so... I had my very
own family... I have cooked I have cleaned and I have cared for
my family, for
a very long time... I had the
world at
fingertips Sommer is 15 Darcy is 13 My goodness! (and still do!) However NOW...
it is now time for me

to pursue my dreams.....

I want to become

a nurse BUT.......... ...over the years... parties
and boys I previously studied nursing...
but that was
ago! Can I still write an essay? So... Can I study effectively? Can I manage my time properly? I have a job I have children...
BUSY children My
husband works
overseas There is
lots of housework... Small property
to maintain Social life? Am I capable of pursuing a university program, considering that almost everything is
online? We did NOT have computers at school The latest technology
when I was last at university
was the microfish. This went on
for 5 or 6
years. asfdj Is it okay to be a mature age student? (we used to make fun of them!) Can
this? So scary... We will help you! Tertiary
Program Being brave, I went to the
Sunshine Coast University
Open Day 2011,
where I was
introduced to the... write an essay In TPP I have learnt
how to: summarise and evaluate study effectively manage my time ask for help work in a group read a journal article research online and in the library use the computer for many purposes
not just emails... think critically and use my brain again! organise myself TPP
has equipped me with the
skills and the
confidence I need
to pursue an undergraduate
degree in Nursing! which I have
almost completed... where I previously studied... where I am currently studying... Now...
to choose which university... Deakin University University of the
Sunshine Coast Which University? Deakin USC entrance
requirements subject
areas 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Bachelor of Nursing Bachelor of Nursing Science If previously admitted to tertiary study,
2013 tertiary entrance requirements are met. Selection is based primarily on academic
merit as indicated by an applicants previous
academic record. Application can be made for mature age
consideration - Special Entry Access Scheme
(SEAS) acute care
aged care
chronic illness
community nursing
health sciences
medication management
mental health
nursing issues
paediatric & adolescent nursing PLUS 21 weeks of clinical practice pathophysiology
drug therapy
health law & ethics
acute care
health, culture & society
transcultural health
paediatric & adolescent nursing
mental health
research foundations for health practice PLUS clinical practice (non-Year 12) +2 choices of electives + 4 choices of electives A rank of 71 is preferred. Undergraduate program offers are made to
applicants who are judged to have a reasonable expectation of success. TPP is considered an alternative entry pathway. Deakin University University of the
Sunshine Coast location Many animals
to care for Burwood, Victoria Sunshine Coast, Queensland fees $6,680 per year $5,648 per year facilities clinical skills centre
purpose built laboratories
simulated hospital
state of the art equipment Nursing wing USC Deakin university (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr I would be happy to attend either university. Both universities are comparable. I choose USC However... I live in Queensland. My husband supports our family. I am VERY lucky I love Queensland. I'm staying in Queensland. There is just one thing that
Deakin University does not have... It is not in Queensland. Member Member Member Member Member Member Member When I graduate,
I can work anywhere... hospices hospitals homes aged care settings clinics schools universities community health centres government agencies Financial support is a
worry I do not have. Salaries in nursing careers
at around $50,000. One day..... I will be able to help out in the
financial support department! The
End www.usc.edu.au www.deakin.edu.au So yes... It has taken a while, 20 years or so but I am now finally able to pursue a life long goal of mine... TPP has equipped me with the tools to undergo my undergraduate degree in the field of nursing. I am closer than ever to my future career. There will soon be a Nessy Nurse in a hospital near you...
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