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Designing Personalisation in LAMS

2010 European LAMS & Learning Design Conference

muesser nat

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of Designing Personalisation in LAMS

Muesser Cemal Nat
Dr. Simon Walker
Dr. Liz Bacon
Prof. Mohammad Dastbaz E-learning Designing Personalisation in LAMS Use of internet technologies to provide and enhance students’ learning anytime and anywhere LMS is often only used to support the enhancement of classroom or lecture-based teaching (Kim, Jung, Lim, Kim, Noh, 2009).

Most LMSs place considerable emphasis on delivering and managing learning content but generally add little or no value to the learning process and its personalisation (Junqi, Zhengbing, Zongkai, Yumei, 2009). Learning management systems (LMS) Learning Activity Management System (LAMS) Learning pathway/sequences
Individual or collaborative learning activities
Incorporating multimedia resources
Monitoring students’ activities and real-time progress
Reusable and shareable sequences Our Study Profiling students Research questions Can personalised e-learning systems produce more effective learning outputs than non-personalised systems

Can a questionnaire-based approach (e.g. Felder and Silverman Learning Style Model (FSLSM)) help determine whether learning styles match what students do in actual practice Design of the study The experiment of this study was split into two parts.

The first part (first system) provided structured ‘personalised’ learning based on pre-determined learning styles using the FSLSM questionnaire.

The second part (second system) allowed students to freely choose from the range of learning materials and activities, and create their own pathways.

Both systems aim to provide complete and classroom independent e-learning environments.

A group of university students studying ‘Multimedia Games Design and Development’ were randomly divided into two groups and invited to use one of two e-learning systems. Reflections of the FSLSM in classroom and on the system Picture-based Video Text-based Audio Discussion Forum Mind Map Note Taking Mind map Wiki Stepwise learning paths Free choice of learning paths Practical Imaginative I lean better by reading I learn better by doing I learn better by listening I learn better by watching Personalisation Learning requirements and preferences of each learner tend to be different (Liu, Gomez, Khan and Yen, 2007; Uden and Damiani, 2007). Personalised e-learning system design Learning style questionnaire Learning environment E.g. Active/Sensing/Visual/Global learning style I learn better by reading I learn better by dicussing I learn better by watching I learn better by following stepwise learning pathway University of Greenwich Uploading Files Subject assessment Non-personalised e-learning system design Learning style questionnaire Learning environment Subject assessment Uploading Files Some early results "It’s very easy to use, pretty fun. I wouldn’t mind using it again. Videos was awesome."

"It is very educational. Please implement this in the future course."

"At first i found the e-learning hard to use but later on I was conversant with it. I would like to use the system again. I liked the chat application and profile pages."

"It was average. Seeing the result at the same time was good. The user interface kind of complected to use. Hard to use." Comments from students Personalised system "This was a very useful insight into the future of E-learning. Truth be told, I didn't try my hardest to complete all the tasks but I believe, if this system was fully integrated into our learning schedule, it would be very useful particularly because it offers tailored learning."

"The system is good and distinct. I want to use it again because i want to improve my flash knowledge. I like the videos which are explaining every steps. I think some actionscripts are long. Tnx for this thing, i hope that it will be again."

"That was cool!!!" Non-personalised system "What exactly we should do in the support activites or its just helping area." Discussion forum Mind Map "What is this!!!"
4 attempts but no action Pesonalisation can be achieved in learning materials, learning pathways, learning support tools or interface levels. Some other comments about tools Discussion Encouraging students to use e-learning systems. Thank you for your attention! n= 21 n=22
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