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Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

No description

Paula Arias

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

ello August 7, 1964
A joint resolution of congress that gave President Johnson the power and authority to increase U.S. military involvment in the war between North and South Vietnam; to assist any member of protocol state of S.E. Asia Collective Defense Treaty. North Vietnam attacked U.S. naval vessels, leading to a grave turn in the serious events in Southeast Asia. Resolution What it was People and Terms associated with the resolution A deliberate attack on U.S. naval vessels by North Vietnam. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident The Resolution USS Maddox and USS Turner Joy President Johnson consulted with Congress in order to better determine the support needed in S.E. Asia.
Importance Major turning point in United States military involvement in Vietnam and S.E. Asia.
Prevented further aggression amongst nations and promoted peace.
Connections U.S. policy of trying to sustain peace in S.E. Asia Controversies N. vietnam regime S. Vietnam
Laos Violated Geneva Accords for Vietnam
Campaign for supervision training wanted Supply of fire-arms for guerrilla warefare in S. Vietnam Effects Resolution was relied on as legal basis foor military policies in Vietnam
Communist Regime (North Vietnamese) Geneva peace accords President Johnson and Nixon USS Turner Joy USS Maddox Laos Guerrilla Warfare Resolution August 7, 1964 Background Johnson directed air action against the gunboats. continued... Background Johnson recieved a "blank check" from Congress
The whole incident was blown out of proportion; unnecessary actions taken The number of troops serving in s. vietnam increased from 16,000 to 500,000+
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