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No description

Saurabh Shah

on 4 February 2017

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Transcript of Marketing

IMC For Tesla Motors India
Step-by-Step Teasers
Tesla Design Studio For India
Smart Billboards
Sales Promotion
Participate In Auto Expos
Advance Bookings With Full Refund
'Run The Roadster'
The Green Cause
Superior Solar Tech Installation
Roadster v/s Porche 911
Public Relations
Get The MAN Himself
And Also Deepak Ahuja
Flaunt The Subsidies
The Personal Touch
Formation Of The Tesla community
Educating The Masses
"Tesla Motors has no advertising, no ad agency, no CMO, no dealer network. And that’s no problem."

"You can’t pay for this kind of advertising. You earn this sort of attention by making something truly newsworthy."
Word Of Mouth
THIS Is Tesla's Favourite Strategy
Presence On FB, Twitter, Blogs etc..
Presented By:
33.Megha Shah
34.Naitik Shah
35.Saurabh Shah
The Products
The Roadster
Model S
Model X
Before 15 December
On 15th December
A California-based company
Designs, manufactures and sells electric cars and electric vehicle power train components
Tesla's CEO is Elon Musk
Tesla plans to eventually produce fully electric cars at an affordable price for an average customer
The Man
Elon Musk is an American business magnate, investor, and inventor
Musk developed the person-to-person payment platform , PayPal
Musk also founded Space Exploration Technologies known as SpaceX
He is reported to have a 32% stake in Tesla, which is valued at $5.82 billion, as of August 2013
Set-Up Design Studio Booths At Unorthodox Places
Launch The New Car's Video On YouTube
Sales Promotion
City Tours
Free Rides
Stations At Malls
Free Supercharging At Certain Stations
Promote The Green Cause To City Schools
Undertake Challenge Events
Public Relations
Elon Musk Unveiling The New Model Si
Set The Media Ablaze With Multiple City Launches
Unveil Plans For A Cheaper Car
The Personal Touch
Give The Best Sales Experience
Free Driving Lessons For Tesla Owners
Word Of Mouth
Still Remains The Same...
People Love Tesla Hence They Do It For The Company For FREE..!!
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