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Jews during WW2

No description

Emily BerZan

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Jews during WW2

The Camps
Hitler asked his troop / army to start building camps. The first people to go to these camps where polish Jews. The more countries Germany conquered, the more Jews were coming to the concentration camps.
Adolf Hitler hated Jews, gypsies, disabled people or anyone else he thought was wrong with this world. It didn't take too long for the Jews to realize that Hitler hated them.
The Holocaust killed six million Jews. This includes children, woman, men, disabled people, Polish people and Roma people.
Small Video
Symbol of Judaism
Hope you enjoyed out project
:D :)
Jews during WW2
What he wanted to do with them
At first Hitler asked the Jews to go away from their homes and in another country. As Hitler started conquering more countries the Jews had nowhere to go.
Gas Chambers
The gas chambers were
the most frighting place
of the whole camp.
Some people where
chosen immediately to go
to the Gas Chambers.
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