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Topic 2 : Dictionary Skills

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fizrahanur madame belle

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Topic 2 : Dictionary Skills

Contents of a dictionary
How to spell a word
Your first key to remember when using dictionaries:

To make dictionaries easier to use, the words are organized in alphabetical order.

Your second key to remember when using dictionaries:
Prepared By : Madam Nor Fazila Shamsuddin
Topic 2 : Dictionary Skills
Dictionaries: Guide Books/Reference Books
They tell how words are used by people. It is a reference book.
It gives information about words.
Dictionaries are books that list all the words in a language.
It tells you how to spell them and what they mean.
Meaning of a word / DEFINITION
How to say a word/PRONUNCIATION
quay, flour, student, success,
connect, correct etc

What part of speech a word is - nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs,
pronouns, conjunctions, interjections, articles..
-How to spell a word/spelling

Example of use/SENTENCE
Since there are so many words in a dictionary, GUIDE WORDS are used to help you locate a word quickly.

Guide words are found at the top of each page. they tell you the FIRST and LAST word that is found on that page.
Headword : the word you are looking up.

Entry : the information on the word you are looking up.
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