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The Psychology of Swimming

How to become the best you can be.

Justin Nguyen

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of The Psychology of Swimming

The Psychology of
Competitive Swimming By Justin Nguyen Strokes Butterfly Backstroke Breaststroke Freestyle Background simultaneous movement
of arms and kick alternating arms and kick while on back chest press with frog kick swim any stroke
front crawl or swam for 8 years
swim year round
Nation's Capital Swim Club
McLean Marlins
3 NVSL relay records Thank You
Any Questions? Like a rocket in practice
Like a turtle in competition WIN LOSE The Three C's for
Competitive Sports Confidence
Composure Attitude Attitude is a choice
Choose to have a positive attitude Mental Skills of Successful Swimmers 6 Mental Skills of Successful Swimmers Attitude Concentration Confidence Composure Goals Motivation Goals Set short-term goals Set long-term goals 6 Mental Skills of Successful Swimmers Motivation Goals Attitude Confidence Concentration Composure Attitude Attitude is a choice

Choose to have a positive attitude Motivation Persist through difficult tasks and difficult times

Swim for YOU Goals Set long-term goals

Set short-term goals Confidence You must believe
before you can achieve

Fight the "doubter" inside you Composure Don't dwell on past mistakes or failures

Focus on next event Concentration Maintain focus

Resist distractions from environment and from within

Learn to be in the
"here and now" Roadblocks to Success Pressure Anxiety Self-doubt Thank You These mental skills
are relevant
to athletes in all sports They can be used to
achieve success in other
areas of your lives
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