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What is VoIP, and how important is it to SMEs?

Voice-over-IP, a technology overview for Small and Medium Enterprises. Presented by Colman Carpenter of Voicespan

Colman Carpenter

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of What is VoIP, and how important is it to SMEs?

VoIP What is it? Traditional
Telephony Switchboard VoIP Book How important is it to SMEs? Colman Carpenter Voicespan About Me IT for 20+ years IBM "Mid-Range" CRM Consultant Lotus Notes Free/Cheap Open-Source VoIP-enabled Telephone Systems
VoIP Accounts
Installation/Training Wordpress Website Design
Online Marketing
Email Marketing
Collaboration Services (Google Apps)
Available from Amazon! PBX (Private Branch Exchange) Internal and External Calls
Key Systems or Automatic
Analogue or Digital - dedicated wiring Handsets Dover Castle - 'Secret' Wartime Tunnels What is VoIP? Voice over Internet Protocol Benefits Cost Savings Centralised
Management Integration Flexible Working What is it? ? TCP v UDP "One byte at a time" The Internet (aka Internet Telephony) PBX = VoIP Switchboard Domestic and very
small business providers There are MANY more Single cable network
Reduced line rental
Lower long-distance call charges
Free inter-office calls CTI
Least Cost Routing Work from home
Local offices
Local numbers IP Telephone VoIP Software USB Handset Analogue
Phone + Adapter End-user Devices End-user Devices Analogue Phone + ATA
IP Phone
'Soft' phone Comms Lines VoIP Account (Internet)
Analogue PSTN (POTS)
Digital PSTN (ISDN)
Mobile network What do you need? VoIP Account
DID (phone no.)
Billing (normally pre-pay) Endpoint
IP Handset
ATA aka Endpoints Internet Circuit
Enough Bandwidth
Good Quality! PBX
Hosted by VoIP provider
Hosted by you
On-site Network
VoIP Prioritisation Latency Time Low avg latency, high jitter Higher latency, low jitter Data circuit quality Single Bill
Merge IT and Telephony Support Echo threshold is 300ms One more option! Ensuring Quality Connected Devices
Games Console
Music Player Applications
Social Media
etc Oh, and VoIP! The Problem The Solution Prioritise VoIP Separate
Traffic QoS One circuit for VoIP

One circuit for everything else Prioritise VoIP traffic over everything else QoS only works on the section of
the network that you control
(i.e. on your side of the router)
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