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The Lemonade War Chapter 5

No description

Shay F.

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of The Lemonade War Chapter 5

The Lemonade War
Chapter 5 Vocabulary 1. Competition
2. Irritated
3. Showoff
4. Charity
5. Vow
Competition Rivalry in
the marketplace. Irritated Showing or feeling
slight anger Showoff A person who publicly
parades themselves, their
possessions, or their
accomplishments Charity Voluntary giving
of help to those
in need Vow Promising to
do a specific
thing Discussion Questions 1. Why is Evan mad that Jessie became friends with Megan?
2. Why does Evan feel like Jessie is racing him to get the
dishes done?
3. What does Jessie plan to spend her lemonade money on?
4. What was the "spit-vow"?
5. Why does Evan & Jessie's mom feel sad when they argue?
6. What is the bet?
7. When will they determine who wins the bet?

Activity Discuss what you would spend
your lemonade earnings on if
you started the business. Draw a
picture of it.
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