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Fish Tank Project

Slides for fish for project

Saige Sanderson

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Fish Tank Project

Choosing Fish I looked at all the fish in the slide show. My favorite color is neon green so I choose green fish. I also liked the look of the velvet wag swordtail. I saw that the both of the green fish, the electric green Danios and electric green Glofish, were schooling fish. So I needed 3 or more fish of each kind. I got 3 of each kind, that would add up to six fish, and then I got two velvet wag swordtails. All the fish added up to 25 inches and much over $50. I took away one swordtail. It was still way over the right amount of inches and money. I thought that I really didn't need the swordtails. When I took them away, I had exactly 15 inches and $38.94. Fish Tank Project I multiplied the number of fish of each kind by the amount of money it cost for each fish. I did that to the 2 different kinds of fish, and when I got the prices for each kind of fish, I added both the kinds together and i got $38.94. Adding Money Fish Tank!! Thank you for watching!! How many fish? I choose 3 Glofish and 3 Danios because both of those fish were schooling fish. With schooling fish, you need 3 or more fish of that kind. So i could only get 3 of each kind. if i got more, i would go over 15 inches. By Saige Sanderson
1.) Draw dream tank
2.) Look for fish
3.) Choose fish that meet
standards and write them down
4.) Answer questions for estimating
5.) Complete estimating chart and neat chart
6.) Make prezi/poster Steps for project Glofish-$7.99
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