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Consumerism and quality of life

No description

Jinying Zhu

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Consumerism and quality of life

Consumerism and quality of life
By Judy Zhu 9B
How does consumerism affect our quality of life?
1. Economic factors

What is consumerism?

Consumerism is an economic theory that says the more people buy, the better it is for the economic.

Basically, it is all about BUY.

Also, consumer behavior plays a key role in economic decision making.
How does consumerism affect quality of life?

What does Consumerism means to me
People buy more
(people have more money)
producer produce more
More jobs for people
people gets more money
1. Identity
Many people thinks that buying brand names are good, and usually it's a group of people buying the same thing. Even through some people can't afford, they still want it. People think that buying more stuff means having a good quality of life, it is true, but it doesn't REALLY means people WILL have a good life.
(I also think that there are both positive and negative affects of consumerism)
People usually mix up what they NEED and what they WANT.
For example, many kids like playing video games, and keep buying them, but they don't really need it to survive. Same as brand names, people would rather spend more money on brand names than other things. But this also makes a well economic.
To me, I think buying the things I need will be good, and if I have extra money, I will spend some of them on what I want.
Sometimes buying too much is not good, even through it makes me feel good. When I buy too much, I found out that there are many things that is unnecessary.
2. Health and safety

Because of consumerism, producers produce different things to satisfy people's needs. Also, every food product must have an ingredient list on it.
3. Jobs
Because of the lists, people recognize that there are many unhealthy foods, such as chips, soft drinks, fast foods etc. These foods contains large amounts of sugar and fat, but there are still many people keep buying it, and many people work for it. People keep buying them because lots of them are attract by the ads, extra gifts, the product it self...
This also leads many people boycott some foods that is very unhealthy to keep people healthy.
Additionally, some companies will sell "healthy" foods with high prices to people.
As people buy more and more, producers will produce more, jobs were created for people, people earn more money, and they will spend more money, and it goes on and on.
People have unlimited wants, so they will keep buying. Even a small product like a sheet of paper, it goes through many processes and it links to many jobs.(suppliers, workers that work in the factory that produce paper, drivers that deliver papers to shops, workers in the shop will sell the paper to people.)

If a product was being purchased, and people buy a lot, then the workers will get more money from consumers, and this is what consumerism is about.
But sometimes it causes many people lost their jobs, because some company likes to look for labors outside of the country, they only need to paid low wages to them and it will be a profit for the company. This causes people in the country hard to find some specific jobs.
4. Environment
The more the consumers bought, the more will be produced, and the nature sources will be taken more by people, and most of the time, people were wasting things.
Because of consumerism, the number of factories increased a lot, and they are creating pollution to the environment. Global warming, low air quality, pollution to
the water...people were creating problems to the earth.
Very few people consider about the environment when they were shopping, most of them were just keep buying and buying. Sometimes people bought too
much, it became a waste of money and people will just throw it in the garbage.
Also, many products were made of plastic, and they can't be recycle, it became another serious problem for the environment.
5. Marketing
Many companies likes to use advertisement, on sales, gifts etc. to attract people to buy stuffs, even through the don't really need the thing. (Example: Food
The consumerism had brought the economic more to the right side(market economic), more products were being produced, the GDP(Gross domestic product) went up, the higher the GDP, the wealthier the country is. As the country gets wealthy, people's desire grows, too. Different things were produced, advertisements were everywhere, expanding people's desire.
Differences of quality of life between Canada and USA
The GDP in America is very high, which also means that the country is very wealthy, and people spend lots of money on shopping. Also, many famous companies were located in America, which means there are many rich people. People in America have many choices of buying things, and they could buy as much as they can. Consumerism have a great impact in America.
But in a mix economy country like Canada, Consumerism doesn't have too much impact, and Canada have less GDP than America. Canada is also a well developed country, but consumers don't spend that much money as consumers in America. Maybe it's because there are less people in Canada.
It is pretty hard to stop my self from buying junk food...but sometimes I don't really care about if it's healthy or not, I just want to buy and enjoy the food.
Additionally, some people very cares about what others think and they will follow the trend, trying to be "cool".
I don't really care about what other people think about me...I think it is better to be myself.
For me, I don't really care about the ads, but I sometimes will get attracted by the discounts of something I want, or something I don't need. I was thinking of saving money, but I actually wasting money.
Also, people should not buy products that contains chemicals that is harmful to the environment.
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