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Emily Carr

Emily Carr is a Canadian artist and writer that is a really famous/outstanding Canadian.

Aditi Sharma

on 22 December 2016

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Transcript of Emily Carr

Emily Carr was born in Victoria , born December
13 ,1871, and died March 2 ,1945,at the age of 73. Emily's favorite things to paint were different kinds of trees. Emily used her imagination .The trees that she
painted did not look like the trees in the forest,they
looked something like this .she had a great
imagination . She started to paint when
she was only 13 years old. Emily had survived 3
heart attacks and died at the 4th, she also had a major
stroke . She was a very brave person.

Emily Carr
Father Richard Carr
About her art and what inspired her
Father of Emily. Emily's father (Richard) didn't come straight to England.Richard started out traveling the world.He heard of the California gold rush so he went there. After the rush was over he left California and traveled back to England. He also married an English girl (Emily Saunders). Richard brought his bride out to California in a sailing ship, all around Cape Horn.Trying to settle down in California,Richard went into business but after awhile it irked father to live under any flag other than his own.
Why Emily Carr is famous / important
Emily's siblings
Achievements , obstacles and
important details

About the past
Emily Carr's sisters names were Edith , Clara , Elizabeth ,and Alice . Emily was the youngest out of her 4 other sisters . Edith was born in California, Feb ,5 ,1856 , Clara was born in Victoria , May , 16 , 1857 . Elizabeth was born in Victoria , Nov 6 ,1867 .Alice was born in Victoria ,Oct , 18 , 1896 .Emily always looked up to her oldest sister Edith because she was the most kind and wisest sister . 2 of her sisters named Elizabeth and Alice would always dress the same , why . well for some reason her father said that they had to .
Emily also, had a few brothers named : Richard ,Jhon ,Thomas and William.
In 1880 was the first time that Emily took drawing les-
6 years after in 1886 her mother Emily Saunders Carr died, a year after that in 1888Emily's father died .
In 1907 she taught over 70 students(pupils) in Vancouver . In 1910 she went to France to learn art , in the following year she goes back to Vancouver .
In 1919 her 2 older sisters Edith , Clara died.
Emily was not just a famous artist but she was also a writer , she took short story writing course by correspondence .1937 she had her first heart attack but it went well she survived it.In 1939 she had her 2nd heart attack and she survived it ! The year after that in 1940 she moved in to her sister Alice's house ,and had a major stroke .1942 she had her last sketching trip and had a serious heart attack!In 1944 she published a book named the house of all sorts. Year after that Emily Carr had her fatal heart attack March 2nd.

Emily painted a lot on her emotions , she would draw and paint what she felt like . As days went by she traveled to Eastern Canada in 1927, she met a group of 7 people there she saw many trees and, fell in love with the forest's . That is were her style of painting came from . She made friends with many of the people on her trip .
She went to many places like France and many other wonderful places .
Emily Carr is important because Emily had a spiritual connection to the BC landscape.Back then women would only paint simple things , like a flower or a tree(fruits,veggies,supplies,ect.) , but Emily would paint landscapes and valleys. She didn't want to stick to painting such easy paintings, she wanted to be unique and draw things that people wouldn't normally .Emily Carr became drawn to Canadian things, and to the important influence of First Nations people, culture, and traditions.Emily Carr was an independent woman and a Westerner who gained prominence when at a time Western Canadians and women artists were not recognized internationally.
Emily Carr's parents Emily Saunders Carr , and Richard Carr were British immigrants she grew up with her brothers and 4 older sisters , as a kid Emily in her family nobody was so interested in painting .
when she became an orphan she asked her guardians if she could go to San Franceisco ,to study art at the California school of design , once she turned 18. A year after that she learned how to paint the basics with water colour's . And also set up an art class for children.
A famous Canadian writer & artist
Hope you guys enjoyed our project!
NOW FOR QUESTION!!!! .........
1. which 2 sisters wore matching clothes out of the 5 sisters?
2. How old was Emily when she started to paint ?
3. what year did Emily's father die?
4. Did Emily go to San Franceisco before or after her parents died?
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