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Learning for Life: Game Design

Presentation given by John Doran and Ben Frazier for the Learning for Life Program explaining what a game designer is, does, and move into having students actually create a level before the time is done.

John Doran

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Learning for Life: Game Design

Learning for Life: Game Design 2/5/11 John Doran - Ben Frazier Who Are We? John Doran Ben Frazier BSGD Senior
- Level Designer on Gear,
IGC Grand Prize Winner
- Systems Design Intern
on a F2P MMO BSGD Senior
-designed and built 6
FPS, 3 RTS, and countless
platformer levels
- Level Designer for a popular UDK mod Why are we here? We've all had a game idea at some point
We all want to make games

To make
fun But, what is a game designer? Your goals are:
Make a 30-second level
Make it fun Today we will be making levels
for a game called Gear. But first.... know what you're working on.
Play Gear levels 1-5 that spark. So You Want to Be a Game Designer My level has a win point.

The player can reach the win point from the start point.

It is impossible for the character to leave the level's path.

I have played my level from start to finish and did not want to change anything.

I have run out of time, so I'm shipping my level even if it's unfinished. Ship Checklist
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