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Workplace Communication

Electronic Messages and Digital Media

Amberley Shelby

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Workplace Communication

Electronic Messages and Digital Media Chapter-7 For meetings Applying E-mail Formats Guide Words



Complimentary Closing and Signature Block How Organizations Exchange Messages and Information Preparing and Composing Professional E-Mail Messages Using Podcasts or Webcasts, Blogs, and Wikis for Business Professional Blogs and How Companies Use Blogs Public relations, Customer Realations, and Crisis Communication.
Market Research and Viral Marketing
Online Communities
Internal Communication and Recruiting Business letters
Interoffice memos Electronic mail
Instant messaging
Text messaging
Social networking Communicating with
Paper-Based Message Communicating with Electronic Message Subject Line Opening
Indirect Opening
Direct Opening Body Closing Tips for Creating a Professional Blog How Businesses Use Social Networks?

Rent-A-Car doesn't use it How Businesses Use Wikis? Negotiating Social and Professional Networking Sites Tips for Creating a Professional Blog How Organization Exchange Messages and Information Communicating With Paper-Based Messages Communicating With Electronic Messages Business letters
Interoffice memos Text messaging
Social Networking Creating a Podcast Best Practices for Instant Messaging and Texting How Companies Use Blogs? Customer Relations
Market Research Don't text while driving a car Organize and separate you contact list from business, family, and friends page #199 Is simple Decide what to record Identify your audience Stay away from inappropriate topics Blog often page #204 Share information Using Instant Messaging and Texting Professionally IM : two computers linked by server Formating an E-Mail Message TEXTING: a smartphone or PDA pg #202 Podcast: internet radio Wiki: a website that allows any user to add or edit its content 73% Generation Millennial Socialize and Chat on Facebook
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