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A Change is a Comin,

Looking at the reality of ESL students in schools

rebecca merkel

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of A Change is a Comin,

In 2000 Jefferson County had 1451 international students
In 2010 JCPS had 5116
international students in 2008-2009, 3445 of those students were in english as a second language classes
currently there are over 100 different languages spoken in our schools in the last 10 years the number of spanish speaking students has nearly multiplied by five NO According to a survey, 57% of Iroquois teachers believe ESL students not participating in class has nothing to do with esl students not being able to speak english According to a similar survey of ESL students the teachers are right - it has everything to do with the way ESL students are treated when they do speak up! Viewpoints of IHS ESL students... I hardly speak because other students laugh at my accent. The more American we look the better we fit in with our classmates. A Change is A Comin Looking at the United States Reality to ESL population Are we prepared for a massive shift in population? Here is a case study:
Iroquois High School Our Hopes But mainstream America does not see this as being the truth . . . Resources Things alter for the worse spontaneously, if they be not altered for the better designedly. - Francis Bacon ESL students are quiet in class because they don't have any friends in class sometimes we don't recieve enough support or instruction because people don't understand us. Teachers treat us like American students. When students speak in their native language, people make assumptions or become accusatory. We want acceptance and tolerance We want better teacher training: make extra effort to understand what we are saying . . . often we REALLY are speaking English
have patience . . . you might have to ask twice
give us time to think and process . . . usually we do know the answer just not how to express it
try to talk about what WE know (a lot of the time we already studied it!) then tell us what YOU want us to learn
find out a little about our culture (expectations are different in our countries)
don't just say info and instructions, write it down for us
help make us part of the classroom and community
create a safe classroom - we will speak up if we know we will not be teased or laughed at
please print . . . we have difficulty reading cursive
A classroom example A Snapshot of JCPS That is a huge increase! what does this mean? Special Thanks To: What teachers think they are doing saving us an embarrassment by not calling on us doing us a favor by always grouping us together avoiding conflict by ignoring students who tease us giving us identical assigments instead of accomodations for our needs assuming we don't raise our hands means we dont need help presuming "help" means translation not calling on us makes us feel invisible we like to work together BUT WE NEED to work with all of our classmates. i can't ignore teasing. address it we need accomodations to help us meet your targets we need your help-which can mean giving an example, explaining the question, defining the word, etc Ms.Sutton
Mr.Marco Munoz
Mr.Alec Johnson
Officer Brands
Ms.Merkel's 4th and 5th periods. Our Iroquois classmates Iroquois students and teachers surveys Jefferson County Public Schools: Marco Munoz, Alec Johnson The U.S. Census Bureau website Personal interviews with staff and students at IHS In our 1st period class doing big conversation thank you all for supporting us today. Now is time for us to celebrate Created by: Maydenis Ramon
Adachely Fuentes
Rubert Leyva
Antonio Rios
Kedar kafley
Daisy Vasquez
Deego Jama
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