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Better off Friends

No description

Meghan Adams

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of Better off Friends

Better off friends
A fiction book written Elizabeth eulberg
Better off Friends describes the friendship between a boy and a girl who are always there for each other during thick and thin. Although their relationship hasn't been the easiest they always find a way to make it up to each other. Therefore, the theme of this book is to be there for your friend when he/she is going through hard times, just like they would be there for you.
Plot Summary
Macallan Dietz
Levi Rodgers
Place and Time
The author wrote this story with romance, comedy, and a lot of drama.
Macallan and Levi live in modern-day Wisconsin. The story mainly takes place around the city, like at the local mall, the small schools the students attend, and at Macallan's and Levi's house. The story begins in the begining of 7th grade year and ends in the middle of senior year.
Levi Rodgers was born in Los Angeles, California and lives with his mom and dad. Levi is aiming to join a football team, and is a fan of the Chicago Bears. When he moved to Wisconsin, Macallan and her friends thought he was a surfer because of his long blonde ponytail and tan skin. When they got to know him, Macallan and her friends learned that Levi was well-mannered and charasmatic.
Macallan Dietz has three best friends, Emily, Danielle, and ofcourse, Levi. When Levi first met Macallan, he thought she was a cold person, but he soon learned that she is smart, loving and very sensitive when it comes to her wavy red hair because she inherited it from her deceased mother. Macallan shares her love of the uncommon television show, Buggy and Floyd, with Levi, along with their love of custard.
Meghan Adams
Better off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg is about the friendship between Macallan Dietz and Levi Rodgers. When Levi moved from California to Wisconsin in the begining of 7th grade, Macallan was asked by Principal Blaska to show Levi around the school. When they sat together at lunch, the two discovered that they both watch an unpopular tv show, Buggy and Floyd, which sparks up a connection. From then on, Macallan and Levi were the best of friends, and told each other everything. Through good and bad times, the two were there for each other. That was until one day. Macallan and Levi were in Sophmore year when Levi joined the football team and started hanging out with his football friends more than he did Macallan. He was soon completely ignoring her. Macallan started an arguement with Levi, and they thought they werent eachothers friends anymore. When Levi was with his girlfriend, Emily, he realized he had treated Macallan cruely and that he was in love with her. When they talked it through, Macallan told him she was going to Ireland for the Summer to spend time with her grandparents. Levi was heartbroken. While in Ireland, Macallan thought long and hard about Levi andher feeling towards him. She was in love with Levi. When she discovered Levi had a girlfriend, she was unhappy and distant. The two fell apart. When everything had smoothed over, Levi went to prom with Carrie, while Macallan was at home. Levi left the dance and found Macallan at Riverside Park, the place where they would always sit and talk. Levi Rodgers apologized, and confessed his love to Macallan. They talked it over and decided that it was ok to fall in love -to be in love - with your best friend.
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