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The wright brothers first flight

No description

anna jones

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of The wright brothers first flight

when did the flight take place (3)
It took place in kitty hawk.They chose kitty hawk be cause it had hills , great breezes and it was soft sand to make a safe landing.
when and where were the wright brothers born (2)
why did they invent it(7)
Because they both loved inventing things as children.Like little toys and little fun things to do like that.
how did they get it in the air(4)
They made a 25 horse power motor to make it go in the air longer and higher.
what did they invent (6)
they invented an airplane.
who were their parents(8)
Orville Wright was 4 years older than his brother Wilbur Wright .Orville was born in Dayton , Ohio on August,19,1871.
The wright brothers first flight
They loved inventing things as growing up.Just liked little easy and simple things not a big aircraft.
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