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Fifth Business: My Fool-Saint

No description

Sadaf Sheikh

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of Fifth Business: My Fool-Saint

Fifth Business
Part 3: My Fool-Saint Themes Symbols Characters Devices and Style Myth Versus Reality Fate Versus Chance Guilt Madonna Statue Dunny's Women Agnes Day Agnus Dei Gloria Mundy Gloria Mundi Libby Doe Libido Re-Birth Agenda Summary
What is a Fool Saint? Significance?
Characters and Archetypes
Themes - Fate vs. Chance, Myth and Reality & Guilt
Devices and style
Conclusion Fool-Saint What is a fool-saint? Summary Summary
Is Dunny right to feel guilty? In what ways did the characters envelope guilt as their absolute reasoning for their actions and to what extent? Synchronicity '...one morning the Headmaster swept in--he wore a silk gown, well suited to sweeping--with Mr Joel Surgeoner in tow…when Surgeoner looked at me in the face I knew him at once for the tramp I had last seen in the pit at Deptford' ( 128-129) "I had enough of Le grand Cirque forain de St Vite and was about to leave when a young man leapt up on the platform beside Le Solitaire des forêts and began, rapidly and elegantly, to do tricks with cards. It was Paul Dempster…I knew him in an instant"(144) Were these occurrences simply meaningful coincidences (chance) or were they a mark of fate for these characters? Dunstan Ramsey Boy Staunton Mary Dempster "The little Madonna was the bee in my bonnet; I wanted to see her again, quite unreasonably…I kept hoping to find her" (122) "She was clean and looked like an angel to me…She held my head to her breast and talked nicely to me, and I cried worse…" (134) Statue of the Virgin Mary What is Myth? And how does it differ from reality? Conclusions Conclusions In your opinion, do you agree with Dunny's implications of Mrs. Dempster, is Mary Dempster truly a mother figure and the embodiment of the mother archetype? Was Jole Surgoner are true example of a miracle performed by Mary? "I ran out of that town laughing and shouting like the man who was delivered from devils by our Lord... He worked through that woman, and she is a blessed saint, for what she did for me-- I mean it as I say it-- was a miracle" (135) "You're hypnotized by this idea that three miracles makes a saint, and you think you've got three miracles for a poor woman who is far astry in her wits and don't know right from wrong" (137) How many of you agree that Dunny is “hypnotized” or convinced that Mary Dempster is a Saint? And, if yes, why?
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