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Electro-Static Field Calculation for Underground Cables

No description

Cables Project

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Electro-Static Field Calculation for Underground Cables

Project Steps
During manufacturing of cables and before adding insulation material , a problem may occur in it because of sharp edge and impurities
Electro-Static Field Calculation for Underground Cables
We manage To calculate the accurate value of electric field due to sharp edge and expect tree may occur or not ..
Supervised by

Dr. Mohammed Talaat

Detect the Problem
Sharp edge
leads to
High Electric field
Dielectric Breakdown
High Cost
due to repairing the fault
Short life Time
Types of Tree

1- The Charge Simulation Method (CSM)
2-the Finite Difference Method (FDM)
3- The Finite Element Method (FEM)
-In our project we are interested in Charge Simulation Method ..
We optomize the point of barrier that make diversion in the field in order not to reach to the earth rapidly , not to cause breakdown and increase cable life time.
Cable classification according to life time
instead of barrier that increases the cost , we may classify the cable into four classes according to the amount of damage that results from the high electric field which affect the life time of cable
-class A : > 30 years
-class B : > 15 years
-class C : > 5 years
-class D : < 5 years
-it's one of artificial intelligence techniques that uses searching techniques to obtain the optimal solution
final window of the program
Our Project
Our Project is about underground cables
and the phenomena of the electric tree which starts when the electric field inside the dielectric medium reaches a value of 4 MV/cm
Methods of simulation
a) Bush Tree
b) Tree
c) Tree
d) Branch Tree
Difficult to find
the point
of fault
Simulation methods
-It 's used in 3-Dimensions
-Tree spread in all direction
so we use charge simulation methods
FDM need 4 boundry conditions
so it's difficult to use
FEM activate only in 2-D
-Critical field for electric tree 4 MV/cm

according to Japanies
-We use hyperbolic needle to investigate the tree

-we use Ring Charge to simulate the needle
the equation used to simulate the hyperbolic needle
the unknown charge Q can be determined by
This project addresses several issues :

1) the tree start when the electric field equal 4MV/cm

2)the potentional error must not exceeds 0.01

3)the deviation angle must not exceed 5 degrees
by ideal with
Different stages of Tree formation :
1) inception
2) propagation
3) Completion
CSM Results
e) Bow Tie Tree
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