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Theodore Roosevelt

No description

Joshua Wilson

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore "T.R" Roosevelt Jr.
Born October 27, 1858 in
Manhattan New York City, NY.
Roosevelt became president on
September 14, 1901 after the
death of William McKinley at
the age of 43.
Roosevelt was also the governor of New
York City from 1899 to 1919 as the
33rd governor.
Questions 6 - 10
Roosevelt attended school at Harvard
University and graduated in 1880.
Roosevelt fell in love with Alice Hathaway Lee who
later gave birth to a daughter, Alice Lee, and died two
days later due to a kidney disease. His mother died
on the same day.
Roosevelt only had one child, a daughter named
Alice Lee.
During the Spanish War, Roosevelt was
lieutenant colonel of the Rough Rider
Charles W. Fairbanks was Vice
President for Roosevelt
Question 11

Roosevelt had 30 cabinet members
Vice President Charles W. Fairbanks
Secretary Of State John Milton Hay, Elihu Root and Robert
Secretary of the Treasury Lyman J. Gage Leslie M. Shaw, and
George B. Cortelyou
Secretary of War
Elihu Root, William H. Taft, and Luke E. Wright
Attorney General
Philander C. Knox, William H. Moody, and Charles J.
Postmaster General
Charles Emory Smith, Henry C. Payne,
Robert J. Wynne, George Cortelyou, George von L.
Question 11 Continued
Secretary of the Navy
John D. Long, William H. Moody, Paul Morton, Charles
J. Bonaparte, Victor H. Metcalf, and Truman H. Newberry
Secretary of the Interior
Ethan A. Hitchcock and James R. Garfield
Secretary of Agriculture
James Wilson
Secretary of Commerce and Labor
George B. Cortelyou, Victor H. Metcalf, and
Oscar S. Straus
Questions 12 - 20
Personal Thoughts
I belive my president is qualified for this position in
office even though it was completly unplanned for him
to take the position at such an earliy time
I belive my president was very succesful during his time
in office because he was prepared for any and every
possible outcome of an event that may happen.
His prior experiance as a war lu
Questions 1-5
Roosevelt server 2 terms and was in office
from 1901 to 1909
Roodevelt was elected vice president and then
was sworn in to office after Presicent Mckinley
was shot and later died in 1901
Roosevelt changed the way the railway system
worked for transporting goods to other states
Theodore Roosevelt had over a hundred
speeches and addresses he did during
hes 8 years in office
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