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Password Security

No description

Matthew Johnson

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Password Security

Things a hacker can do with your password
A hacker can send emails from your account
Purchase things from online stores
They can steal your data
If they do something illegal you could be held responsible
Make it long, the best passwords are at least seven characters
Random passwords
Don't use names
You could misspell a word on purpose
Use number and other characters
change your passwords regularily
Some of the Most common passwords
other passwords to not use are; common words, your favorite sport, or something else related to you
Horrible ideas for passwords!!!!!
phone number: it would be easy to hack, and you do not want people with your phone number
address: easy to hack, and you don't want people with your address
social security number: with your social security someone could use it to find more info about you
birthdays: too easy to figure out
the same password as your login: you might as well tell everyone what you password is
Signs that you have been hacked
Password Security
Passwords have been changed
Increased network activity
Your home page being changed to something else
Emails have been sent from you that you didn't send

By: Matthew N. Johnson
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