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Pollen Expert Witness

Pollen and Marijuana Pollen

Stacia Silva

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Pollen Expert Witness

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr How big is pollen? Pollen varies in size so depending on the flowering plant, you may need to use a microscope to clearly see the pollen. The jurors about pollen What is pollen? Pollen is a fine powdery substance which is released from the male part of the flower, known as, the stamen. pollen and research Hello my name is Ashley Pike and these are my associates, Jessica Viramontes, and Stacia Silva. We have all studied the field of Palynology. We each have been studying pollen and spores to aid in criminal cases, such as, this one. Where is pollen produced? Pollen is produced in the male part of the flower called the anther. What does pollen look like ? not all pollen looks the same it all depends on the tree or flower the pollen is coming from but it can vary in size. When is pollen produced? pollen is most produced in spring, but is produced all year round what is the function of pollen? the function of pollen is to aid in the process of reproduction How is pollen transfered? Pollen is mostly transferred by the wind, although bees and other insects known as pollinators also transfer pollen from plant to plant how does pollen differ from plant to plant? Each plant has differing pollen. some plants pollen is large, or small and all have a unique charcteristic to tell them apart. What does marijuana pollen look like? Marijuana pollen looks like dust, kind of white and powdery. why do marijuana plants produce an abundance of pollen? Pollen is transferred in two ways, by wind or by pollinating insects. Most plants whose pollen is transferred by wind, like the marijuana plant, need to produce more pollen because most of the pollen is away carried by the wind. What is Locard's principle? when one person come in contact with another person or object there will be a cross-transfer of evidence. How is pollen transferred in marijuana plants? the male plants produce the pollen in small pouch- like balls. when the female plants are ready to be fertilized the male plants release the pollen and the pollen is then carried by the air to the female plants. How can pollen link a person or a place to a crime scene? some pollen is only found in certain areas, if a person who is connected to the crime scene has a specific kind of pollen on them or in their car then that can be a link Was there any marijuana found in this apartment? No, there weren't any marijuana plants found in the apartment. There was, however, marijuana pollen found in the apartment. How was it collected? The evidence was collected by using cellophane tape and paint brushes, it was then put in containers and labeled correctly. How was the pollen examined in the lab? the pollen was looked at through a microscope. the microscope used was a Scanning Electron Microscope. How do you know this pollen is definately marijuana pollen? With the amount of pollen found in the apartment and the amount testing done we are most certain that this pollen is indeed marijuana pollen. Conclusion We conclude, and the evidence points to the suspects being guilty of all charges.
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