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About me.

caryle capuyan

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Me

A b 0 u T m3 I like to draw, I uhh like to feel the breeze of air while I draw outside, and while I do that, I sometimes listen to music. Another thing I also like to do is sing. I might not have a very good voice like celebrities, but its worth it. What I also like to do is talk about other people. What I mean here is not gossip or anything, but to talk about how good they are, like my best friend, D3sT1ni M1ll3r. The things I also like to do is read comic books. The kinds I like is Romance and comedy, like the one Im watching right now- School Rumble. You can find it in hulu.com. < I luv this site. >

Oh And P.S. My parents doesnt allow me to read comics. The best thing I like to do (Not really) is to use the computer... I loove to play games in facebook.com ( just kidding they dont have any good games anymore.) Or I can just go to hulu.com and watch school rumble >_< Im bored now. I dont know what to do... :C Oh yeah... On Sunday on some persons wedding (forgot) um... My cousins are gonna come over cause children aretn allowed on the wedding... (how sad :C) But anyways, Im sure Roz is coming, Ynden, Yuri, Meagan, Wayne, Micheal, and I dont know who else.... P.s. the thing is on Sunday, May 1 2010.. Today is April 25 btw.. Well.... Is this it?... Im gonna go to google to find some pics to put here.... ;D P E A S O U T >_< THX FER WATCHIN
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