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Ninespine Interim 25.02.13

No description

Nadine Sy

on 24 February 2013

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Transcript of Ninespine Interim 25.02.13

Evolutionary Ecology Practical Literature
previous works 19/2/13
Tuesday Morphology
Wed+ Thurs Color choice assay Population Neustadt, n=60 20/2/13
Wednesday Subsets included

Parental generation (experienced nest builders)

F1 Generation (premature?) 22/2/13
Friday Interim report
Nest check
Photoregistration 2

Monday 26/2/13
Tuesday 19.02.- 01.03.2013 interim report Ingeborg Köpsel, Nadine Sydow Ninespine sticklebacks Getting into the topic Schedule: record weight, sex (, parasite)
photoregister fish
fluorotagging + conservation
DNA extraction from fin clips
µ-satellite genotyping
Integration to Kenyon´s spread sheet Three spined sticklebacks deminish ambition for high-quality nest building when being offered colorful threads as building material
(Resource budgeting- hypotheses) 20 20 100 20 20 20 7/21 (n=31) nine-spined sticklebacks created colorful nests ! Setup extension:

Offer a new color
thread assortment Nest building:
Color choice assay n=31

7,5 cm threads

6 colours Coastal (Baltic) recorded weight, sex, parasites (2/60)
photoregistration 1
removed bowel
finclip for genotyping
injected fluorescent labels
serial EtOH dilution (-> staining prep.)
photoregistration 2 + morphometrics Plan:
count leftover colours
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