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Children's Lives in the Elizabethan Era

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Hannah Edgell

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Children's Lives in the Elizabethan Era

Children's Lives in the Elizabethan Era
A little boy and wore skirts until he was three-seven years old
He would have experienced a "breeching" ceremony
It was thought that only boys needed to attend school
School was beaten into boys
What Games Did They Play, and What Toys Did They Have?
The common toys that they had were:
Toy soldiers
Hobby horses
Schooling for Children
Noble children got taught at home by private tutors
Education was beaten into them
The school day begins at 7:00am in winter or 6:00am in summer, the school day ends at 5:00 or 5:30pm
Children in the Elizabethan Era were a lot different than the kids are nowadays. From the games they play to the clothes that boys wear. I hope you enjoyed my presentation!
What were children's lives like in the Elizabethan Era?
How different were their lives like back then from what they are like today?
Family Life
Children were bootlicking to the adults in the family
They were raised to respect and obey their parents
The death of infants was high during the Elizabethan era, so the children of the family were cherished by their family
Wealthy children were taught good manners and would be punished, boys and girls, for any forms of bad behaviour
Treament of Chilren
Hugh Rhodes's
Book of Nurture
(1577) is a book of lessons to tech children thier expections for life. Here are some examples of what it teaches:
Rise early in the morning to be holy, healthy, and wealthy.
Sup not loud of thy pottage.
Belch near no man's face with a corrupt fumosity.
If your teeth be putrefied, it is not right to touch meat that others eat.

Common games played by children:
Blind Man's Buff
Only boys went to school, but a girl's education was still taught, but it was taught at home. It still covered reading and arithmetic
They mastered the arts of domestic abilities
They are wrapped in swaddling bands for the first 6 - 12 months
It is considered unhealthy to let infants' limbs free during these first few months
By: Hannah Edgell
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