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The Seminoles

No description

Beth Smith

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of The Seminoles

The Seminoles
By Maddix B

Seminole Tools/Weapon
The Seminooles used a lot of different tools and weapons. As a carving tool the would take a bone from an animal that they killed and sharpen it. For weapons the Seminoles used tomahawks, bow and arrows, and blowguns.
Seminole Communication
The Seminoles usually spoke Muskogee and Mikasuki.
Seminole Clothing
The Seminoles didn't wear many different clothes if they even wore any. In the winter time the Seminoles would wear deer skin leggings made out of deer skin and wool. The Seminoles also wore buck skin jackets to keep warm in the winter.
Seminole Women's Work
The women Seminoles would spend their day cooking food for the village. Some days the women would stay home with a child and teach them how to weave clothes.
The Seminoles did not have many water sources. Their main water source was was the Everglades. For food the Seminoles would eat deer, turkey, alligator, rabbit, and fish.
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