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Bonnie Ng

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Presentation

Supply of free recycled materials in exchange of promotion Target on intelligent consumers and teens: Chan Yuen Yip, Rex 3035073068
Ho Sheung Him, HIM 3035074335
Ho Cheuk Hei, Chris 3035072351
Liu Tin Tsan, Angus 3035061417
Ko Wai Ching, Ann 3035068049
Ng Yu Tung, Bonnie 3035073654 Q & A Thank you! “One man’s junk,
is another man’s treasure.” Impact Expand Coverage Manufacture and sales of recyclables GOAL Mission: make Hong Kong into a greener city and foster a social conscience
Current goal: 1,000,000 lbs of recyclables, 30-50 employees Recycled products
Expand coverage
Promotion Recycling work to help the environment
only five people
1,000 customers
> 300-400 pounds [136-181kg] in first month
GOAL: recycled 1 million pounds by the end of this year
break even financially by the end of this year : In 2012: about 50 households already signed up Causeway Bay Admiralty Happy Valley Kennedy Town Sai Kung Clearwater Bay Happy 1-month HK Recyclers!!! How much is 3,000lbs of:
paper - 3.7 trees
plastic - 26,223 two-litre soda bottles
metal - 90,909 soda cans
glass - 2727 wine bottles Promotion post many related news on Facebook to raise awareness
e.g. HK government policy on recycling
Videos and articles related to the importance of recycling
examples in other countries Japan:
summer sonic Hong Kong: Clockenflap Japan's plastic recycling rate is at a staggering 76%! Employment for marginalized people groups employ about 30-50 people from marginalized backgrounds single mothers with a history of physical abuse Harmony House: a charity that helps battered women and victims of domestic abuse cleaning women in a local cleaning collective employment agreements to contribute to the community by creating employment opportunities for those who needed them most
equip ad empower these people
help them overcome tough personal conditions
give them the confidence and resources needed to flourish in Hong Kong Impact - Employment Promotion Step 1:
with other manufacturing companies
to hire
marginalized group Future development Step 2:
Make use of collected recyclables
to manufacture
useful products Future development Step 3:
the Products
as a means to increase revenue Future development Marginalized group Effectiveness Benefited Before Effectiveness Benefited After Effectiveness Expected challenge Expected challenge Weekly pick up of recyclables
at customers’ door
by receiving $25/week Current situation People not willing to sort out the waste for recycling, not to mention disposing to recycling bins
 Pick-up service: convenient
$25 for weekly service?
 A “Green” lifestyle
 Support our aims and service
 Support marginalized people groups Impact - Recycling Low recycling rate + Weak recycling culture
 Raise recycling rate in long term
 Attract investors into this business
 Promote recycling culture Geographically increase transportation expenses Refer you friends Get discount for introducing friends to join HK recycles
e.g. refer 10 household and get 80% discount Coordinate with
public housing charge individual household charge on the whole estate effort on negotiating with government departments on this plan Cooperation
with other
social enterprises: Discounts by joining in groups
Recycle bins
$.50 plastic bag tariff
Target: 55% Recycling Rate

Residential recycling rates: 13%
Glass recycling rate: 1-3%
2017-2018 Exhausted all landfill space Recycling in Hong Kong? What government do? Reality: => Room for improvement Central and Western Districts Where we are? Provide a convenient and low-cost solution to household recycling What we do? HK Recycles Who we are? Convenience for our customers
An environmentally friendly lifestyle choice
A sustainable way to support marginalized people groups and local charities in Hong Kong Sustainable? Efficient?
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