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Disability and Sport

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Transcript of Disability and Sport

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Disability and Sport
What is disability sport?
How do we make sense of this?
The social definition of disability
Is sport leading the way
in changing cultural representation?
Medical/personal definition
Historical roots during industrialisation
Focus on what disabled people cannot do
Practitioners sought solutions for problems found within the individual
Within Western society, disabled people have been "treated as members of a deviant minority group. Deviant status has meant that disabled persons have been relegated to a position outside the mainstream.
Minority status has meant that disabled persons as a stereotyped and stigmatised category or group have been accorded degraded status, little power, and few opportunities for economic advancement and success" (Nixon, 2000; 423).
What's the problem here?
Disabled people made to fit society
'Society' disables people
Not only practically but ideologically
What does this shift mean for policy?
Focusing on "the impact of social and environmental barriers, such as inaccessible buildings and transport, discriminatory attitudes and negative cultural stereotypes, in 'disabling' people with impairments (Barnes & Mercer, 2003; 1).
What does this shift mean for 'sport'?
Changing culture?
Rehab > participation > empowering
'Sense of personal empowerment' (Huang & Brittain)
Freak show?
Highlighting difference?
Encouraging segregation - categories and para
Measured by normative standards
The 'supercrip'
The least disabled of the disabled
Which disabilities matter?
Concluding Remarks
Social definition of disability
Signification based on physical abilities
Paradoxical space - Simultaneously subverting and confirming?
Disability - Any restriction or lack of ability (resulting in impairment) to perform an activity in the manner or within the range considered normal for a human being (WHO, 1980:28)
Recap from last session
Thinking differently about the body
- Stratification
- Signification
- Commodification
Readings - Jarvie, Lorber
10 questions in the exam
What I want in your brain
by the end of the session
A different way of thinking about disability
Introduction to key literature
Challenge some assumptions
Some ideas about what disability means
Examples from sport
- Come down to the front and get into groups 4-6
How many press ups can you do in a minute?
Who's done the readings?
Study skills advice
Stigma - Labeling
Signifying & Stratifying
What have we signified you using?
Is that appropriate?
Sport as leading the way?
Perhaps, but what types of disabilities matter in sport?
Howe - Supercrips - Worksheet
Do them today!
'special' schools,
Notes from lectures,
key themes in readings,
study together,
broad knowledge important
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