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High Performance Teams

Trust, accountability, commitment

Ronny Van den Bergh

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of High Performance Teams

High Performance Teams
The Blue Angels are a high performance team. They place their lives in the hands of their team every day. Nothing is left to chance.
Working together as a team is critical to the pilot's success and safety.
Blue Angel pilots have to fully commit to their manoeuvres and trust in each other as they fly as close as 18 inches apart
Trust is an integral part of their succes
Pilots are backed up by a highly trained team of 120 on the ground
If any piece of that team falls apart, then the team will too
A can-do attitude makes the impossible possible
Trust, accountability, commitment
Leadership is the ability to motivate a group of people toward a common goal.
Play to win
Walk the talk
Walk the Talk
Play to Win
at all levels

Do what you promise
Exceed expectations
Confront difficult issues
Focus on results, not effort
Focus on collective outcomes
Confront difficult issues
Mine for conflict
Does the team believe you know where you're going?
Does the team believe you understand them?
"We have personal drive. Each person on the team has that. That personal striving for excellence."
Every day the Blue Angel pilots and their crew are accountable to each other
The Blue Angels have put teamwork at the center of their culture
But it is also about trust, commitment and accountability
High performance teams
have leadership
at all levels
"I'm one of the few pilots on the planet that doesn't pre-flight my own jet, it's that level of trust and teamwork that goes into every day at work."
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