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roch & hip hop music magazine

cuicui liu

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of magazine

The rock & hip hop music magzin Evaluation My media product was a music magazine of hip hop and rock. These concepts determine the actual appearance of my magazine. For example, in hip-hop industry, the theme of "Dress" is a common feature. In the rock industry it is mostly a black dress. I chose hip-hop industry because I found it inspiring and uplifting. My cover features the artists displayed in a colourful way. My audience can see the obvious comparison with the other magazines. My journal of my colour scheme consists of four main colours: black, blue, red and purple. All the fonts used in my portfolio are the synthesis of hip hop and rock magazines. My other content pages and cross-page feature article are of the same colour scheme. My pictures are medium close-up, in addition to the contents page, a long-term image capture function.

My magazines are designed of specific social groups. I used the slang a lot.
The layout itself shows some of the ideas and dreams young people have. The magazine indicates/suggests that as long as teenagers have the courage to pursue their dreams, they can achieve anything they want.

My magazine is a mixture of hip hop and rock so I believe this should create a vast market for potential readers. My magazine promotes the passion for music and encourages people to fight for their dreams. I think my magazine will be distributed easily in places like fashion agencies, music stores, youth foundations, such as newsagents and urban stores.

My target audience are men and women aged by 16-25 years. Hip hop is very popular among young people. And rock is simple, effective, and straightforward. Young energetic people like its rhythm, which is relaxing, stress free and unrestrained. Therefore, a large number of young people in rock music are widely loved.

Additionally, the colour scheme and layout of the magazine is very neutral, even if the image consists of the only women. My target audience is the large number of young people is 16 to 25-year-old favourite. Through this magazine, I want more young people to strive for their dreams. In addition, I conducted a survey and most of my readers are above age group. The survey also found that is corresponding with the facts. The results showed that many young people prefer hip hop, rock and kerrang music magazine.
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