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Work Overview

No description

Byron Walkley

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Work Overview

Work Overview
On MIT App Inventor
By Byron Walkley

This is the main screen for the first app i created: the Paint pot. This app allows you to draw on a canvas with either: Red, Green or Blue dots.

On this page we can also see the coding for the app, we can see which blocks depict what size the dot is. However i
do not understand
fully what the variable
"global" is.
Paint Pot App
My Dingbats app was the first app thst i created without using a tutorial.
On the right we can see the home screen for the dingbats app and the coding for the screen.
The coding is very easy to understand as it is using common sense.

DingBats App
Dingbats App (cont)
On the right is a screenshot of the on device multiplayer game mode. It uses the same code as the singlplayer but 2 copies of it instead of one copy.
Depending on which player guesses correctly the users are taken to the appropriate screen. Either a
player 1, player
2 or a screen
for if both are

Dingbats App (cont 2)
This is the singleplayer puzzle screen which loads when the player chooses a singleplayer game.
To the right is the code blocks used to identify whether or not the entered answer is correct or not.
On screen we can see the screens that i havce developed so far for the prototype of the app that needs to be designed for the coursework
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