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PPC Advertising

No description

Adam Dominick

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of PPC Advertising

Foundational Benefits
Phase 1
Phase 2
Search engines and social networks provide a unique form of online advertising that your company has not accessed yet.
PPC advertising
How soon should the you see results?
Instantaneously - based on budget
Traffic generated to the site will have increased potential of being converted
Your Satisfaction will increase further spending on marketing packages.
Your reputation will grow
Your portfolio of available services will grow.
Target marketing will influence further relationships with local businesses.
reputation/portfolio expanding
= increase in potential revenue
Benefits of implementing PPC campaigns:
Guaranteed traffic
Increased organic ranking
knowledge of their sites existence.
Increase potential of clients ROI
is the ratio by which Pay per click ad results outweigh organic search results
What are the reasons why PPC should be implemented?
Facebook has over
350 million
of those members check there Facebook everyday.
The top three Google ads account for
of the clicks on search queries.
If companies already rank organically, adding pay per click ads result in
new visitor traffic
Facebook users spend an average of
minutes per day browsing Facebook pages.
Conversion rates for shopping sessions started from social media are highest on Facebook with Twitter and Pinterest following.
Ad budget will come from a portion of the initial money invested
Multiple market advertising will be controlled by the your budget.
Larger budgets will give access to a bigger potential client base
Where will the money come from to start these campaigns?
How can we tell the effectiveness of them?
Google Keyword Analyzer
Social media analyzer
Google Analytic
Calculates keyword capabilities
Ads distributed are tracked throughout site.
Will show ROI (return on investment) for each campaign we carry out.
Increasing your marketing ability to a higher standard will help us form into a more well rounded and inspiring young agency.

This will open the door to new possibilities and new markets that we formerly weren't a part of.
The Road Ahead
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