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Mockingbird Poetry Analysis

No description

Corrin Swintosky

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Mockingbird Poetry Analysis

Corrin Swintosky P. 1 "Mockingbird" by: Eminem Summary Yeah (A)
I know sometimes things may not always make sense to you right now (B)
But hey, what daddy always tell you? (C)
Straighten up little soldier (D)
Stiffen up that upper lip (E)
What you crying about? (F)
You got me (G)
Hailie, I know you miss your mom and I know you miss your dad (H)
Well I'm gone but I'm trying to give you the life that I never had (H)
I can see you're sad, even when you smile, even when you laugh (I)
I can see it in your eyes, deep inside you want to cry (J)
Cause you're scared, I ain't there? (K)
Daddy's with you in your prayers (K)
No more crying, wipe them tears (K)
Daddy's here, no more nightmares (K)
We gon' pull together through it, we gon' do it (L)
Laney uncles crazy, ain't he? (M)
Yeah, but he loves you girl and you better know it (L)
We're all we got in this world (N)
When it spins, when it swirls (O)
When it whirls, when it twirls (O)
Two little beautiful girls (O)
Lookin' puzzled, in a daze (N)
I know it's confusing you (C) Ballad- my whole song is a story written in a song
End Rhyme/Near Rhyme- Lines 20-22 "when it spins, when it swirls,
when it whirls, when it twirls, 2 little beautiful girls"
Exaggeration- Line 32 " I don't see us ever being together again"
Simile- Line 33, 53 "Like we used to be when we were teenagers" "'Cause daddy felt like a bum"
Septet Stanza- Lines 1-7 at the beginning of the poem/song
Rhyme Scheme- there is no specific rhyme scheme
Imagery- Line 48-52 "I remember one year when daddy had no money, Mommy wrapped the Christmas presents up and stuck 'em under the tree and said some of 'em were from me, 'Cause daddy couldn't buy 'em I'll never forget that Christmas I sat up the whole night crying"
Symbolism- Line 84 " I'mma give you the world" He's telling Halile that he will give her anything she wants to make her happy, not the actual world.
Tone-it's very sad and moppy by the sound of the music and the way Eminem raps Analysis This song is about Eminem and his life with his family. Hailie (his daughter) was 9 and Laney (his adopted daughter) was 11 at the time the song was written. Eminem talks about how life was going at the time, how it was hard with Hailie's mom (Kim), Eminem always gone, and Eminem trying to raise them by himself. Life was tough trying to support his family and he knew his daughters were not happy, but he was trying to do the best he could to raise them. In the song he's trying to say sorry to his children because he feels like he's not being a good father. At the same time, he's also dealing with the media and other family issues like with his dad walking out on him, and his mom with drug problems. It's funny (AA)
I remember back one year when daddy had no money (AA)
Mommy wrapped the Christmas presents up (BB)
And stuck 'em under the tree and said some of 'em were from me (G) 'Cause daddy couldn't buy 'em (CC)
I'll never forget that Christmas I sat up the whole night crying (DD)
'Cause daddy felt like a bum, see daddy had a job (EE)
But his job was to keep the food on the table for you and mom (FF)
And at the time every house that we lived in (GG)
Either kept getting broken into and robbed (HH)
Or shot up on the block and your mom was saving money for you in a jar (II)
Tryna start a piggy bank for you so you could go to college (JJ)
Almost had a thousand dollars 'til someone broke in and stole it (L)
And I know it hurt so bad it broke your momma's heart (KK)
And it seemed like everything was just startin' to fall apart (KK)
Mom and dad was arguin' a lot so momma moved back (LL)
On the Chalmers in the flat one bedroom apartment (L)
And dad moved back to the other side of 8 Mile on Novara (Y)
And that's when daddy went to California with his CD and met Dr. Dre (MM)
And flew you and momma out to see me (G)
But daddy had to work, you and momma had to leave me (G)
Then you started seeing daddy on the T.V. and momma didn't like it (L) Theme The theme of this poem/song is: life is hard. He mentions this in several lines like Line 8 "I'm gone but I'm trying to give the life that I never had." He's trying to give Hailie a better life but it doesn't workout sometimes. I like how there is no rhyme scheme and it's jumbled, I think he made it that way because his life was jumbled at the time. I like some of the word choice in this song. For example, the word destiny. I feel like there is some mystery how they don't know the future. Reminiscing is a good syllable word when he's rapping, it's a unique word when describing. Line 26-27 says "I try to keep you sheltered from it but somehow it seems the harder that I try to do it the more it backfires on me" He's trying to keep her away from seeing drugs, gang fights etc. but she still sees some of it anyway. And you and Laney were too young to understand it (L)
Papa was a rollin' stone, momma developed a habit (L)
And it all happened too fast for either one of us to grab it (L)
I'm just sorry you were there and had to witness it first hand (OO)
'Cause all I ever wanted to do was just make you proud (PP)
Now I'm sitting in this empty house, just reminiscing (DD)
Lookin' at your baby pictures, it just trips me out (F)
To see how much you both have grown, it's almost like you're sisters now (B)
Wow, guess you pretty much are and daddy's still here (K)
Laney I'm talkin' to you too, daddy's still here (K)
I like the sound of that, yeah (A)
It's got a ring to it don't it? (L)
Shh, momma's only gone for the moment (L)
And if you ask me too (C)
Daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird (N)
I'mma give you the world (N)
I'mma buy a diamond ring for you (C)
I'mma sing for you (C)
I'll do anything for you to see you smile (QQ)
And if that mockingbird don't sing and that ring don't shine (RR)
I'mma break that birdie's neck (LL)
I'll go back to the jeweler who sold it to ya (Y)
And make him eat every carat don't mess with dad (H) Daddy's always on the move, mamma's always on the news (P)
I try to keep you sheltered from it but somehow it seems (Q)
The harder that I try to do that, the more it backfires on me (G)
All the things growing up his daddy that he had to see (G)
Daddy don't want you to see but you see just as much as he did (R)
We did not plan it to be this way, your mother and me (G)
But things have gotten so bad between us (S)
I don't see us ever being together ever again (T)
Like we used to be when we were teenagers (K)
But then of course everything always happens for a reason (U)
I guess it was never meant to be (G)
But it's just something we have no control over and that's what destiny is (V) But no more worries, rest your head and go to sleep (W)
Maybe one day we'll wake up and this will all just be a dream (Q)
Now hush little baby, don’t you cry (K)
Everything’s gonna be alright (X)
Stiffen up that upper lip little lady, I told ya (Y)
Daddy’s here to hold you through the night (X)
I know mommy’s not here right now and we don’t know why (K)
We fear how we feel inside (Z)
It may seem a little crazy, pretty baby (AA)
But I promise momma’s gon’ be alright (K) Analysis Cont. I think Eminem's song is very sad but has strong meaning. He has a unique way of explaining his emotions by the beat and how he is rapping. This song effected them emotionally and publically because of the fact that he was famous and the media was saying things that those two little girls were hearing. So it was not just a song to them, but a song to the media and the fans basically saying "this is what my family, what my children are going through, because of me, because of her (Hailie's mom), and because of you." Eminem named the song "Mockingbird" after the lullaby. In his last chorus it says "Daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird, I'mma buy a diamond ring for you" it plays off of the original. He named the song "Mockingbird" because it has the same message as the original Mockingbird song. Overall I love this song because Eminem is
a really talented rapper and it makes me think how fortunate I was to have a good childhood, and live in decent neighborhoods without dealing with the media. I hope everyone gets the message that even though times are tough, you can still get through it and it will eventually get better. THE END
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