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What's New in ePortfolio

This Prezi explores the new features for ePortfolio following the switch to the New Mahara

Academic Technology

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of What's New in ePortfolio

Users now have the option to
add as many pages to their
ePortfolio as they want The ability to create
a collection adds a
whole new dynamic
to the function
of ePortfolio On ePortfolio, plans are interactive
checklists made for the purpose
of completing intricate tasks What Are Plans? What's New
in ePortfolio? Introducing... Mahara 1.5 ! Creating Pages Making Collections In the most recent software update, ePortfolio has become more user-friendly Making Plans Why Make Plans? Studies have shown that
completion of ordered steps
have improved overall efficiency For example... Groups Now you can create Group portfolio pages. These pages can be copied by individual users. More features... Image Gallery Image Galleries allow users to display multiple photos at once in various formats Google Apps Display a calendar or maybe a book on your page Is that all? There's more... Visit www.pace.edu/eportfolio for tutorials, tips and videos on new features! Résumés Under the "Content" tab click "Resume", you can now create a resume by inputting your resume information so ePortfolio can format it for you!
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