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Eminem - "When I'm Gone"

No description

Evan Ippolito

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Eminem - "When I'm Gone"

Eminem - When I'm Gone Symbol of Father Symbolic Interactionism Life Stages Townsend, N. (2002). The package deal: Marriage,
work, and fatherhood in men’s lives. Philadelphia,
PA: Temple University Press. What's the Reason? Emotions Protector
Be there for his children Symbol of Death Cease to exist in physical state and in daughters life Helsin, J.M., (2007). Essential of Sociology: A Down-To-Earth Approach. Boston, MA: Pearson "When I'm Gone" by Eminem is a powerful song that touches most importantly on the emotions of the troubles that come with Eminem's rapping career.

It talks about his daughters, wife and whole life in a wide spectrum. Helsin, J.M., (2007). Essential of Sociology: A Down-To-Earth Approach. Boston, MA: Pearson Eminem's children grew up with parents that faced problems such as drug relations and suicide threats. At such young ages, there is no doubt that this is affecting them and their lives. Hailie and Alaina need the tender care, love and attention from their parents just as we all do when we are young.

Perhaps, without these necessities, Hailie and Alaina will grow up with emotional problems looking for the answer to their problems in all the wrong places. Along with this, they might eventually fall into bad groups of friends or possibly even gangs.
Regardless of caregiver status,
father equals breadwinner and
breadwinning constrains care giving Eminem’s daughter, Hailie, feels betrayed by her dad because he lied multiple times and left her mother and herself behind to pursue his dreams. Hailie mentions that all she wanted was a number one dad; however, he never gave her that. In verse 3, functional analysis also applies to this problem. The reason being that, Hailie and her mother depended so much on Eminem for the love and affection, yet he wanted to continue rapping and there was no other alternative in his eyes.

Towards the end of the song, Eminem “shoots” Slim Shady, out of guilt to finally become the father figure that his children have wanted their whole life. Ending his rapping career will finally allow him to be more involved in his children's lives. Helsin, J.M., (2007). Essential of Sociology: A Down-To-Earth Approach. Boston, MA: Pearson And when I'm gone, just carry on, don't mourn
Rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice
Just know that I'm looking down on you smiling
And I didn't feel a thing, So baby don't feel no pain
Just smile back The Gender relation that is most evident in the lyrics and video is the relationship between father and daughter.
However the relationship between Marshal and his wife are seen as well.
His relationship with his family as a whole is strained because of the need to continue to write music for eager fans
"Daddy, I can't find mommy where is she? I don't know go play Hailee, baby, Daddy is busy. Daddy's writing a song, this song ain't gonna write itself..." Gender Relations : he is busy
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