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No description

Marissa Garcia

on 5 November 2015

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Transcript of Afiliation

The state or process of affiliating or being affiliated
Young adulthood is when we first start to feel the need to belong
Over the years observation has taken place
Social settings from a day to day basis
Benefits of Belonging
Traces back to early ancestry
Adolescent stage of life
People in every society belong to groups
Increase of self esteem, feelings, and desire to help others
Think: Do you have a close group of friends?
Wanting To Belong:
Connecting-Social Networking
Human beings have an urge to communicate
Suggests that a focus on relationships is what should be important (George Vaillant)
Ideas can be created
Global influence
Being Shut Out
Threatens need to belong
Leaves many in depressed moods
Rejection vs Acceptance
Many school shooters are victims of social isolation
Affiliation, Belonging, Isolation, and Social Networking by Marissa Garcia and Yessenia Vasquez
What is Affiliation?
According to Aristotle, we are the 'social animals'. Our affiliation need, seems to be basic human motivation. But, what is affiliation?
Positive Social Group
A Promotion of Narcissism?
Higher scores
More friends/followers
More glamorous photos
Priorities are not straight
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