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my school

No description

stephanie deAnda

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of my school

Stephanie de Anda My Dream School my schools priorities are to focus on sports that the student decides on.And to have the students grow in there talent at the sport or sports. Goals the student body is very diverse and very unique insize.the student body's size is 600. Each faculty member is a mentor on one sport and helps there students get better at there sport and one extra sport of there mentors choice. faculty & student body Mission statement
Here at coast line highschool are goal is to have are students grow in there Atheletic sport. And to have are students graduate the school more skilled and smart about there sports and academics. Mission Statement Polices
Students must have take math, english and science. students can only hahve one mentor.
Students have a curfue of 9:30 pm and have to be awake at 9:30am. Polices & Clubs Coast line highschool layout Mascot
Coast line highschool mascot is the dolphins because we have water and ocean sports aswell as land sports. Mascot & clubs
Students can create there own clubs. But only if the club gets autherized by a teacher or mentor.
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