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teacher's day (seniors)

No description

garima aggarwal

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of teacher's day (seniors)

Happy Teacher's day
We, as your students, really treasure each of the techniques you share with us

Mam, you put in a lot of effort to teach us how to play different sports well. It is only because of your will to see us succeed in life that we can so proudly declare today that we indeed are national players.
Mrs. Tyagi
Mr. Chishi Samuel
Sir, you are methodical, gentle and pleasant. You have been the mentor of many of us

Dear mam, thank you for showing us the right path and we love your graceful dance.

Mr. Thapa
Keep running!
Sir you are not just a teacher but our mentor, our friend, our support, our guide and our philosopher, all molded into one person. You dance very gracefully and energetically.

Mr. Kumar
your voice is very pleasing to our ears. We are proud to have such a good singer amidst us.

Sa, Re, Ga, Ma
Mrs. Rohatgi
Ma'am, thank you for teaching us all those interesting things we learnt in your classes, but we can never be as imaginative and perfect as you. Thank you for all your concern.

Mrs. Sheikh
Ma'am, you guided us when we were lost, you supported us when we were weak, you have enlightened us all through.

A million beautiful days would not be too many and abundant knowledge would be too few to express about your teachings. Your biggest contribution comes when you help us speak Japanese in our daily lives.

Japanese teacher
Life is a journey and your words have been a guiding light throughout. We will always be thankful to you for all the hard work and efforts you have put in to educate us.

I want all of you to learn!!
Mr. Francis
Ma'am, thank you for giving us strength, courage, and making us a better person. You helped us to see what we could be.

Ms. Nair
You have made Science a lot more interesting and fun. Thank you for all your dedication.

Mrs. Sharma
Good Thinking!
Mrs. Pandey
You are like a spring who nurtures new green sprouts. You encourage and lead us whenever we have doubts.

Mam you affect eternity; we can never tell where your influence stops.

Mrs. Chawla
If we hadn't had you as our teacher, we wouldn't know that learning can be so much fun! We wouldn't know that in one or the other way, you were maximising our potential. Kindness is the oil that takes away friction.

The Best Teacher teaches from Heart n not from soul. Thank you for enlightening our heart and soul both.

Mrs. Sen
Ma'am, you are very sweet with a very pretty smile. You make computers all the more very easy and enjoyable.

Find it out!
Mrs. Mallick
Mam , you , are the most responsible and important member of the society because your professional efforts affect the fate of the world.

With the book
Be careful…….
Mrs. Malhotra
Dear mam, you are like a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge and wisdom in us. You make the best of a student's means and forsee his ends.

Mrs. Srigil
Mrs. Sharma
Ma'am you are very sweet, loving, systematic and hard working. We are obliged to be under your care……….

The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth. Thank you mam for believing in us.

Mrs. Bhageria
Mrs. Pandit
Mrs. Siddhartha
The most extraordinary thing about a really good teacher Is that she transcends and mam you have that quality. Thank you for being our teacher.

Keep Quiet....Shhh..
People say experience is a best teacher but for us having you as our teacher is the best experience.

Mrs. Teotia
Ms. Ginny Sharma
Ma'am you are like a friend. Thank you for making French so easy to learn. We enjoy your teachings.

Mrs. Anandita Banerjee
Ms. Kavita Mishra
Mrs. Paramjeet Kaur
Mrs. Sunita Suri
Mrs. Swarup
are like candles who burn themselves to give away light to others.....:):):):)
You guided us
When we were lost
You supported us
when we were weak
You have enlightened us all through....
Thank You for everything......:):):)
Ms. Lochana Tulsi
For being more than a teacher,
A friend... a guide.....n'
An inspiration.........
for making us find ourselves..
here's a warm wish for YOU mam-
Mr. Sharma
You inspire us to succeed, you support us when we need guidance, you push us to further enhance our knowledge, and you care deeply about our success.

You are God's best creature. You are the one on whom we rely. We believe you are the best. Thank you for supporting us all through out our life.

Ma'am we will never forget you and the fun we have in your classes. You are very sweet and loving . We love you ma'am.

Mrs. Prabhjyot Kaur
Your role as a leader is even more important than you can imagine. You have the power to encourage us to become winners in life.

You are helpful, polite, methodical, patient and helpful. Thank you for all the energy you spent on us to bring out the best in us….

Mrs. Satyavrat
You are like a candle which consumes itself to light the way for others. Studying Accounts and B.st from the same teacher is a privilege for us.

Mrs. Anshu Sharma
A Teacher is a person who always helps everybody imbibe the knowledge. And that person is surely you mam.

Mrs. Shruti Mishra
Mrs. Nidhi Marwa
Every day you are planting a seed Of curiosity and motivation to know and to grow and in an economy and in our lives. You help us fulfill our potential. We admire you even more with every passing day.

Ms. Hanit Kaur
You made us a responsible, hard working person and gave us confidence to excel in French and overcome our obstacles. Thank you very much ma'am.

Mr. Dilip Sagar SHah
Mrs. Tiwari
Mrs. Sibal
Ms. Thanya Yohannan
Ma'm thank you for counselling us and showing us the right path and guiding us whenever we need your guidance.
We are happy that you’re our teacher; We enjoy each lesson you teach. As our role model you inspire us to dream and to work and to reach. With your kindness you get our attention.

Ms. Shobara Yumi
Mrs. Anjali Rikhari Sharma
Ma'am, you are gentle. You make us love computers. You are the best builder in our hearts, you are real engineer of the spirit of a human being.

You are very sweet and tender. We treasure all the values you have tried to inculcate in us.

Mrs. Mukta Tomar
Ma'am, we love your beautiful, unfathomable, lovely smile. You always showed us the right path to travel towards success and molded us into the right shape to reach heights.

Ms. Ambika Verma

Ma'am, thank you for giving so much attention to concept based learning by conducting so many activities.

Divide, multiply, subtract,you add up to be a lovely teacher.

Mrs. Ramya Nair

Sir, undoubtedly, your classes are very interesting. We love your dedication towards your

Mrs. Peter
Just once in a blue moon does a teacher, a guide and a mentor like you comes along.
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