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drinking age

No description

austin groth

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of drinking age

Drinking Age 21? 18? 16? 21, pros. 21, cons. It puts more people into the postion to try it because the limit is so high. When people are in need of help because they drink to much, people are afraid to go and get help because they dont want to get into trouble if they do. Teen drinking is the number one cause of adult alcoholism so it is good that the drinking age is out of their teen age. Why is it a issue? Drinking age was put into effect in 1984 that required all states to higher there drinking age and buying age to 21. The states that did not comply would have their highway funds reduced Poeple under the age of 21 are drinking when they are not suppost too. It has made minors want to try it more beacuse more and more people are doing it and the limit is set at such a high level. It is consitered as a felony if caught and can hurt your future in getting a job. It is still legal in some states but with circumstances Binge drinking has become more and more seen it people. People are not just drinking a little at a time to get a buzz or just to have cause they are thursty but to try to out drink another person. In the 1970s 29 states lowered there drinking age so that it was closer to the voteing age and the age to be able to get into the military and army. By 1983 16 states moved it back to 21 because of the increase of drunk driving and crashes from it. History: Since 1975 it has proved to have saved 23,733 lives Kids are just getting out of high school and will most likely go to college where they will still be learning and with the limit at 21 still they wont be able to drink and wont effect there school learning or being up all night partying. http://drinkingage.procon.org http://www.drugrehabtreatment.com/legal-drinking-age.html Work Cited:
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