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MAP Prep

No description

Rocchina Bruner

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of MAP Prep

MAP Prep
The theme to Disney's Frozen is that sometimes people don't always realize what is in front of them.
Cause and Effect
POV Poem
Compare & Contrast Reference Points
Max yells "Be still!" to the wild things
Setting- forest/island
Compare & Contrast Plot
A young boy named Max who, after dressing in his wolf costume, wreaks such havoc through his household that he is sent to bed without his supper. Max's bedroom undergoes a mysterious transformation into a jungle environment, and he winds up sailing to an island inhabited by malicious beasts known as the "Wild Things." After successfully intimidating the creatures, Max is hailed as the king of the Wild Things and enjoys a playful romp with his subjects; however, he decides to return home, to the Wild Things' dismay. After arriving in his bedroom, Max discovers a hot supper waiting for him.
The Lion King
In Disney's The Lion King, Simba wanted to be king, but his Uncle Scar killed his father and blamed him for it. Simba ended up running away from his problems only later to find out that Pride Rock was in jeopardy, so he returned home and then saved Pride Rock from becoming a barron wasteland.

"Hide Away" sung by Daya

Daya sings about how she can’t find the “good boys”, but really they’re hiding right in front of her because she likes the “bad boys” or those who seem like her type. This is similar to how Anna thinks she’s in love with Hauns, but through her journey to save her sister she realizes her “true love” is Christoff.
Boys seem to like the girls
Who laugh at anything
The ones who get undressed
Before the second date
Girls seem to like the boys
Who don't appreciate
All the money and the time that it takes
To be fly as a mother
Got my both eyes out for Mr. Right
Guessing I just don't know where to find 'em
But I hope they all come out tonight

Where do the good boys go to hide away, hide away?
I'm a good, good girl who needs a little company
Looking high and low, someone let me know
Where do the good boys go to hide away, hide away?

Boys seem to like the girls
Who like to kiss and tell
Talking them up about the things they do so well
But I'd rather find a boy
Who is down for the chase
Putting in the time that it takes
To be fly as a mother (Hey!)
To supply all of my heart's demands
Suit and tie cause under cover
He's gonna save my life like superman


Tell me where the good boys go
Tell me where the good boys go
Tell me where the good boys go
Won't somebody tell me, tell me
Tell me where the good boys go
Tell me where the good boys go
Tell me where the good boys go


Hide away, hide away
Hide away, hide away

Looking high and low, someone let me know
Where do the good boys go to hide away, hide away?

1. Character: Rick from TWD is a leader who
believes that they should take the fight to Nigan before it comes to them

2. Setting: Alexideria has walls, running water, food, and is a safe place to live.

3. Plot: Rick and his group killed several of Nigan's men
1. Character: Everyone follows Rick.

2. Setting: Everyone wants in Alexideria.

3. Plot: Nigan has trapped Rick and is going to make him pay
Feeling misunderstood at home and at school, mischievous Max (Max Records) escapes to the land of the Wild Things, majestic -- and sometimes fierce -- creatures. They allow Max to become their leader, and he promises to create a kingdom where everyone will be happy. However, Max soon finds that being king is not easy and that, even being with the Wild Things, there is something missing.​

Book Differences:
Mom does not appear
Max's room becomes wilderness after being sent to bed without dinner
Wild things do not have names
Max does not bond with wild things, they get mad when he leaves
Movie Differences:
Mom appears
Max runs away
Wild things given names
Max bonds with Carol and KW, sad goodbye
Opposites Attract
Batman Joker
I am Batman.
I am the Joker.
I am a Hero.
I am a villain.
I have secrets. I have secrets.
Every day I fight crime
caused by the Joker.
Everyday I perpetrate crimes
which are solved by Batman.
We are total opposites. We are total opposites.
I am humble.
I crave attention.
People admire me for
my work.
People fear me for my work.
I have a loyal sidekick
I wish I had a sidekick.
Without the Joker...
Without Batman...
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