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Hayley Workman

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of science

Asexual Reproduction is
the formation of new individuals
from a single individual without
the involvement of gametes. Budding is a form of
asexual reproduction
in living organisms in which
new individuals form from
outgrowths. Fission is asexual reproduction
and the act of splitting into
parts or cleaving. Vegetative Propogation
is the process by which new
plant individuals arise without
seeds or spores. Sexual Reproduction is
the reproduction that
includes a male and a
female. The male must provide
the sperm and the female
must provide the egg cell. Sperm is the male sex cell. Egg is the
female sex cell. Both cells join
together and the sperm fertilizes
the egg. If fertilization is complete
a baby will be stored inside of the
mother. Heredity is the genetic transmission
of characteristics from parent to offspring. Genes are a short piece of DNA
which tells the body how to build
a specific protein. DNA stands for deoxyribonnucleicacid.
It's a long linear polymer found in the nucleus
of a cell and formed from nucleotides. Chromosomes are thread like
structures in the nucleus of a cell. Genetics are the passing
of traits from parents to offspring. Dominant and Recessive genes are both
very different. An example of a dominant
gene is if all children in a family have the same
color eyes, for instance their mothers color. It is a dominant
gene because they all have that color. Where a recessive
gene is if everybody in your family has green eyes,
and your new little sister for instance has blue. The gene of the
blue eyes is a recessive gene, it is the gene that is not
dominant. A trait- a distinguishing
characteristic or quality,
especially of one's personal
nature. Who is Gregor Mendel???? Gregor Mendel discovered
the units of heredity. Which
are now called genes. He tested
pea plants by carefully analyzing
seven seeds for comparison. Such as
shape of seed, tall stemmed and
short stemmed, and tall plants and short plants. He then discovered that traits
may appear in offspring without
the blending of characteristics from
the parents if they're either plants,
animals, or humans. What is the Punnett Square???? Punnett Square is a diagram
that is used to predict an outcome of a particular cross
or breeding experiment. You can use the Punnett Square
by putting pairs of genes in the
diagram and then determine
the crosses that will come from that
combination. Reproduction Made by... Hayley Workman and Brett Lowther meiosis- The special process of cell division in sexually reproducing organisms that results in the formation of gametes, consisting of two nuclear divisions in rapid succession that in turn result in the formation of four gametocytes, each containing half the number of chromosomes that is found in somatic cells.
We found our info at:
Google Images what is asexual reproduction???? what is sexual reproduction???? what is heredity????
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