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the Amour City Paris

No description

Errica Short

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of the Amour City Paris

g City

One of The Most Famous Museum
One of the most Famous historic museums is the Louvre Museum because of their artist painting that are such an important part of Paris history.
Every city has paintings in their museum that make their city unique.
Some famous painting in the Louvre museum like the Mona Lisa painting makes the Louvre Museum so different than others.
Many other first class paintings are from Italy, France, Flanders, and Netherlands.
This means they had a lot of great artist and Paris has some of the best paintings.
Also, Louvre Museum displays marvelous collections of Egyptian, Geek,and Roman. Lastly, fashion is also a wonderful part of their art.
Fashion Brands in Paris
Fashion brands that are centered in Paris France.
Paris France is most famous for their fashion industry and the capital Paris is really admired by woman as 'Paradise of Fashion'.
This means that if you want new fashion trends, go to Paris. Some of the French clothing is Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, and Dior just to name a few.
These are one of the most popular clothing lines. Chanel clothing is equal with fortune and the ultimate first class outfit.
Chanel is the brand to buy. Also, Louis Vuitton is a French fashion house and founded in 1854.
Louis Vuitton has been around for a lot of years and still is one of the popular clothing brands.
I am just naming a few but there are many more.
Paris can be known as an extremely very exciting city of Europe and even one of the most amazing cities Internationally.
People worldwide love to travel to Paris; they like to witness and experience this fairy like city. Paris is known as the city of love inspiration, art and fashion.
The view of the Eiffel tower during the night makes you feel warm at home.
Paris has a lot of interesting architecture and museums to offer, it's a place for those who like to shop. Paris is one of the cities that will make you want to visit and experience more often.
Lastly, Paris, France is a city of art and a great place for the shopping industry.
Important Paris Facts
These are some important facts about Paris. Paris is the city of France and the the largest city of the Western Europe... Paris is a modern city with wonderful culture life and businesses.
Also, the population of Paris is more than 65 million people live in France since 2011.
The capital of France is Paris. In addition to, the government gives an equal opportunity.
The language the people speak is French. the religion is mostly Christian but Roman Catholics 64%.
I learned that the fashion industry in Paris would be a great place to go for people who have an interest in fashion like me.
It seem like a nice place to go because all around Paris it has designs and great lights that would be wonderful place to draw fashion.
Therefore, I have learned that all art does not have to be in a museum some can be in cave someone found art in a cave it was called the Lascaux Cave.
Lastly, Fashion and art is Paris way of life!
by Errica Short
This is a picture of the Lovure Museum and since the Lovure Museum is so popular am not surprised that the building looks so different.



. [http://www.kids-world-travel-guide.com/france-facts.html]
Paintings from the Lovvre Museum


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