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Science Investigation

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 15 September 2016

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Transcript of Science Investigation

When changing the liquid to soda water we believe that it will react differently. Due to the extra air bubbles in the soda water causing the water to exit slower.
How long it takes for 2 different types of liquids to exit a bottle!
Materials and Equipment
600ml bottles x2
Soda water
Stop watch
Science Investigation
BY Grace Davies
Design a Fair Test
Independent Variable
type of liquid ( soda water )
Dependent Variable
How much liquid is poured into the bottle
How long it takes until all the water enters the container
Controlled Variable
1. Fill bottle with either type of water 350ml
2. Bring the bottle over to your container
3. Place your hand over the bottle where the lid is attached to the bottle and make sure no water exits the bottle
4. Once you flip the bottle start rotating it until the tornado appears
5. When you can see the tornado remove your hand
6. Repeat this process with the other liquid
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