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No description

pablo sherman

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of dateline

Dateline NBC
By: Pablo Sherman History Dateline was formed in 1992. Dateline is an intensive journalism
program. Dateline has many different topics and subject matters.
Dateline had mpreviously failed on a number of different networks
and NBC was the only network to risk giving Dateline one last
Scandals The first Dateline scandal came when a group of Dateline employees disguised as
terrorist tried to hijack a helicopter at a Saint Louis Airport. Airport workers were
suspicious and called the F.B.I. who apprehended the workers however no charges
were filed. To Catch a Predator One of the most popular and scandal filled branches of Dateline was "To
Catch a Predator." In this series Dateline would go to sting operations with
local law enforcement in an effort to expose pedophiles. In an episode in
Murphy, Texas when approached by host Chris Hansen and police the
predator who was local district attorney Louis Condradt Junior shot himself
in the head. Scandal History There are Dateline:Survivor where the person tells his or her story,
Dateline:Timeline which usually covers a famous person, Dateline:
Consumer Alert which covers economic issues and last but not
least the to catch a predator series which exposes pedophiles in
undercover stings Hosts There have been a number of
big name hosts on Dateline Stone Phillips Phillips was born in Texas
but raised in STL. He attended
Parkway West HS
Starting QB for Yale University Ann Curry Curry was born in Guam
but moved to Ashland, Oregon
and got her degree from the University
of Oregon. Chris Hansen Hansen was the host
of the extremely popular
yet widely contreversial
To Catch a Predator Series.
Current Standing As of April 2010 Dateline is still
one of the most popular news broadcasting
shows in the United States it is currently hosted
by Ann Curry and co-anchored by Chris Hansen
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