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Who killed JonBonet

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 9 May 2017

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Transcript of Who killed JonBonet

Websites used
We used www.CNN.com
What is the mystery?
The mystery is who killed Jonbenet Ramsey. This mystery has not been solved because no one was ever charged for the murder of the 6 year old girl.
Where/When did it take place?
December 26, 1996 Boulder Colorado
Different Viewpoints
The mother and father point of view is someone kidnapped their daughter and put a note about money if they want their daughter back.

The brothers point of view was that he was alone at home sleeping on a bed not knowing that his sister was there.
What is our theory
Our theory is her brother might have killed her because he was the only one in the house when the incident happened. He might have did it because he was jealous that his parent were more focused on her and here beauty pageants.
Who killed JonBenet Ramsey
Background info
Jonbenet was in her own home when she was killed. The murderer left behind a ransom note even though she was already dead. Her skull had been fractured.
By:Xania Reid
Wendy Mejia

What did JonBenet look like
Jonbenet was in beauty pageants. She had blonde hair, with blue eyes and a perfect smile
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