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Established in 1978,

No description

Jenn Trujillo

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Established in 1978,

VIVA's history, people, their passion and products will forever have a place in the development and success of HVHC.
Established in 1978,
Viva International Group became a
fashion eyewear company designing and distributing ophthalmic frames and sunglasses
Six international offices with sales force in
Hong Kong
United Kingdom
Global Distribution in
60 Countries
In 2005 Viva became a wholly-owned subsidiary of
High Quality
Trend Forward
frame designs and brands that deliver!
We'll see you "around the industry"!
VIVA became a part of the Marcolin organization
December 3rd, 2013
"We are truly excited about the prospects of the new Marcolin/VIVA combined business in the ever-changing optical industry.
This combination of two strong businesses, multiple optical/sunwear brands, and fantastic people begins a new chapter in the frame wholesale and distribution channels around the world.
We look forward to having a terrific, long-standing relationship with them as a vendor for years to come."

David Holmberg, HVHC Inc. President and C.E.O
March 2013
VIVA Celebrates
Years Focused on...
Thank you to all of the HVHC employees who have contributed to the success of VIVA over the years
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