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Gender roles For Middle Eastern Women

Some countries in the Middle East treat women less then men

Shell Walker

on 30 May 2011

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Transcript of Gender roles For Middle Eastern Women

More Chances for Middle Eastern Women "Women politicians fear female voices have become a whisper" (Piper pg.2). Some Middle Eastern countries treat their women as if they are less important than men! If women had the same oppurtunities to work as men, they'd be able to provide better for their countries and families, thus making it easier for their countries to come out of poverty. Women deserve the same rights as men no matter where they live. When did this begin? It has been like this for hundreds of years. This is happening in many Middle Eastern coutries such as Saudi Arabia. These women live in countries where men are considered more valuable and women aren't thought to be as useful. If women want a political job or are women's rights activists, they can be killed or receive threats. This problem is related to the population spike. If women could run for political office then they would be able to change things for women in their countries because they would understand what it was like to be oppressed. If they had more productive job selections then there is a less chance they would get married and become a mother when they are still young. We should actively support women in gaining more rights for themselves. This can be done by trying to help them run for office. Bibliography:
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