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You can do it!

No description

Matthew Nunez

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of You can do it!

You can Do It!
By Matt Nunez Obesity is a disease that plagues thousands of people around the world. Its a condition which has both physical and emotional implications attached to it. It is a disease which can be overcome with the correct motivation and proper self control. Meet Richard Holmes... ...A man who has struggled with weight all his life. As a child he was mocked and insulted due to his size and weight. After years of Insults and insecurity he decides to
do something about his size and consults a nutritionist.
She lays a series of problems and goals for him to overcome . Questions Richard must solve... What will make this weight loss attempt different than any previous attempts? What are some foods he needs to remove from his life? What Will his exercise regimen consist of?
Will he need help? What safeguards will he place in his life to protect himself from failing? How bad does he want it? Upon examining his life and previous attempts Richard decides that in order to be successful he must create a support system of family and friends to help encourage him. He next realizes that he has a serious issue with self control. He decides to eliminate all foods with too much sugar, fats, and sweets from the house. He next gets a membership to planet fitness and asks his good friend Ray to help him develop a workout regimen as well as train him. Finally he posts a picture of himself as a final form of motivation for himself. The Emotional Two weeks have past since Richard began his diet. At first he feels confident. He even decides to go to the gym by himself a couple of times. On one of his workout sessions alone, he encounters a group of boys snickering and laughing at him. While he tries to ignore them at first he soon falls victim to the ridicule and feelings of insecurities, eventually he leaves ashamed and drastically discouraged. He spends the rest of the day in bed unable to look himself in the mirror. He contemplates if all this exercise is worth the ridicule. The next day his friend Ray arrives to begin his workout for the day. Only to find Richard in bed sulking. Richard tells Ray what happened and Ray pleads with Richard to see how far he has come in these last two weeks. The weight scale shows that he has lost seven pounds. He is also able to walk faster and for longer distances. He looks at the picture he placed of himself at the beginning and decides that he doesn't want too look like he does anymore. He puts on his running shoes and heads out with Ray. The Circumstantial Months have past and Richard is looking great and has a renewed confidence. The smile on his face is evidence of a changed life. At the end of the day Richard has more pep in his step and even receives a phone call from his friend Larry. Larry has been inspired by Richards story and asks if he can help him lose some pounds so he can be of normal weight. With a smile on his face Richard looks at himself and tells Larry four simple words... When do we start?
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