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Ch. 1 Sec. 2

No description

Ian Whitson

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of Ch. 1 Sec. 2

Who Are America's Citizens
Sec. 1 you guys learned that citizens are people with rights and duties who owe allegiance to that country.

Every country has its own rules regarding citizenship
US has 2 ways

14th Amendment

Citizenship Test

Citizenship Test for US/Missouri

50 Question Multiple Choice (NOT FOR A GRADE)
Aliens in America
Restriction of the number of immigrants we have in the US
Millions apply, only 675,000 are accepted
Relatives/Skilled people are highest priority
Immigration act of 1990
"Those who want to work and produce and contribute."
Key Terms:
Naturalization, Alien, Immigrant, Deport
Ch. 1 Sec. 2
The Path to Citizenship
Citizenship by Birth (14th Amendment)
Born in any of the 50 states or D.C.
Same is true for American territories: Guam, Puerto Rico, or US military bases
If you are born in another country, can you still claim american citizenship?
Do both of your parents have to be citizens?
Children of non-citizens born on U.S. soil
Duel Citizenship
The Naturalization Process
Millions of
live in the United States today.
Legal VS. Illegal
More than 500,000 immigrants gain citizenship yearly
Steps in doing so:
sign a Declaration of Intention submitted to USCIS
Live in the U.S. for at least 5 years
Married=only 3
at least 18 years old and have lived in the state for at least 3 months
Steps to becoming a citizen of the US
Apply for Citizenship
alien interviews with the USCIS
moral character
Must take a citizenship exam
If passed/application is granted
the alien must swear an oath of allegiance
loyalty to our country above all others
obey the constitution
provided military service (if needed)
Final Step: Person signs document to become an official citizen
Citizenship can also be taken away by the federal government
if improperly obtained their citizenship
most of the time people lose their citizenship legally by swearing a formal oath of allegiance to another country
No going back from this
Illegal Aliens
5-6 million immigrants are living in the US illegally
some never applied
Others refused to leave
Ways Illegals enter the US
Why they stay
Struggles of an Illegal Worker
Border Patrol
6,000 miles of land border and 2,000 miles of coastal waters (Florida)
Legal Aliens
immigrants who enter and stay legally
have a job
May own property
Attend Public Schools
Pay Taxes and get legal protection
not all political rights
must always carry identification
Short Answer
1. What is dual citizenship? How can an American obtain duel citizenship?

2.What is the most common way that a person loses American citizenship? Explain the process by which this happens.

3. If you were a government official, how would you prevent illegal aliens from entering into the US?

4. Create a venn diagram comparing the rights of legal vs. illegal aliens.
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