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EIT Improvements

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Transcript of EIT Improvements

Employee Improvement Tracking
Improvements EIT Database 2.0 Functionality,
& Responsibilities
(FAR) The Benefits Accountability EH Finally Goes LIVE! What Now? Definition of Responsibility. Location & Accessibility Functionality for Management Functionality for Everyone Exception Handling Reps. Exception Handling Management Team Exception Handling PRS Who does this
affect? How? Stays the Same:
Representatives will still be able to review and dispute existing improvement opportunities.
Representatives will not be able to issue improvement opportunities for their peers, a submission will be made to the PRS group for review first via sharepoint.
There will no longer be a report we print to review opportunities (managed like a Facebook feed.)
Emails and in person discussions will no longer be used to dispute, it will be a discussion feed within the EIT database.
Errors will now require an acknowledgment or a response based
on the type of "EIT" and its frequency. Stays the Same:
PRS will still submit improvement opportunities for completed excepts and as they appear for their peers.
The PRS will now serve as a review for EIT's that are submitted. (Valid/Invalid)
PRS will be invited to discuss certain disputes for further clarification.
An email will generate for every issue the PRS is invited to discuss. Stays the same:
Will issue improvement opportunities as discovered.
Help monitor and review existing opportunities.
Notify training of any significant issues that require immediate attention.
Leads: Serve as a review for the employees they follow along with training and take part in error disputes when necessary.
Training & Angie: Serve as a review for any employee in the department and may remove,edit, & join any discussion for EIT's.
Any member of management can be invited to participate in a discussion about an opportunity.
Management will be the last step in the improvement opportunity process as a follow up to identify trends, resolutions to significant issues and counseling when necessary. Each employee will now be responsible for researching their own opportunities, see what areas require more focus than others and execute their own training plan. This will now hold each rep. responsible for their own success, and hopefully promote self awareness and education. Employee Improvement Tracking (EIT 2.0) finally makes it possible for our reps to have a streaming look at the improvements in their process that need to be made as they occur. NO MORE waiting a month to review your own work.
This will allow for more accurate EIT documentation and a stream line process for fixing significant issues quickly. Train/Add PRS group to the EIT routing.
Get the PRS group on board with their new role.
Implement Michelle's EIT form and utilize the pending EIT review on sharepoint instead of email system.
Establish thresholds for Improvement Opportunities. Reps will receive an email for each improvement opportunity submitted to them. This serves as a heads up immediately that an EIT has been entered. Purpose: To provide an additional resource for EIT review.
To reduce the possibility of unnecessary EIT submission.
Be back up to training for any additional information. Opportunity Administrator: (Anjalynn R.)
Manages employee roles and categories. This position is held solely by the Quality Specialists for Central Support Services.
Opportunity Manager: (Trainer/s, Angie)
Can manage/follow employee feed, complete/hide/delete/resend, and search opportunities, and issue an opportunity to employees.
Opportunity Reviewer: (Lead)
Can follow employee feed, search, and issue improvement opportunities to employees.
Opportunity Enter-er: (PRS Team)
Can only issue Opportunities to employees.
Employee: (All Exception Handling Rep. 1 & 2)
Can acknowledge or respond to the Opportunities sent to them. When the employee is issued an improvement opportunity by the PRS it will appear in their feed. An email notification will also generate to each employee to check their feed to review their opportunities. Feed Filter Breakdown: Improvement Opportunity Feed:
Any and all pending opportunities that need review or response or are currently being discussed.
Response Required:
Reserved for issues that are more significant that require explanation.
Acknowledgment Required:
Any improvement opportunity issued will need the employees recognition that the opportunity was issued and has been reviewed.
My History:
Shows all improvement opportunities that have been recieved and completed within the last 90 days. (Time period subject to change by administrator) Members of management will be able to review and search for any existing improvement opportunity as well as follow employees in the department so they will show in their feed. The feed for management will show every individual you follow. Administrator Breakdown: General Feed: (Everyone)
Since the feed serves as an observatory tool for management the only way to track errors given to management personally will be with the "My History" tool.
Issue Opportunity: (Reviewer, Enter-er, Manager)
Allows management personnel to enter improvement opportunities for their reps.
Mange Feed: (Manager Only)
Allows the manager to review the feed, edit/delete/review, any existing opportunity.
Search Opportunities:(Reviewer, Manager)
Allows management users to search opportunities and identify any trends that are appearing departmentally. This will act like the "RTDB" database works. Its housed on share-point and can be accessed simply by typing "EIT" into the address bar of your browser. Accessibility The EIT program can be accessed by any EH rep. However it is important to know that privacy will not be an issue. You will only be able to see any opportunity that applies to you. No other rep. will be able to view your improvement opportunities unless you allow them to by inviting them to discuss an existing opportunity. Point system becomes less relevant and the focus is on "Major" and "Minor" priorities for each opportunity. Improvement opportunity tracking for new hire employees process change (will no longer assigned to the trainer)
"Error" needs to be removed from the dialogue when discussing opportunities. Make the "Grand Picture" a visual staple. Master Control Document:_______________
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